Saturday, June 27, 2009

Killer Cases to End Exam

Finally finished exam today. Finally had time to update my blog properly that i don't even know where to start anymore. It had been an extremely stressful one week, i was not able to sleep properly and i was sometimes not able to eat properly as well. 3rd yr passed just like that. So quickly as well. One yr in KT living side by side the beach and the disgusting molds and not seen any turtles yet in turtle land.

When i first started 3rd year, i always hear our seniors saying that short cases are killers especially medical-base short cases and i always wonder how 'killer' can it be. Today i finally understood what they meant.

I got a surgical base case yesterday for my long case which means i had 2 medical-base case for my short cases today. The worse of the 2 combination.

Among the 3 surgical-base subjects, i dislike orthopedics the most. I studied that the least and i always felt that it was so boring studying ortho. I find O & G and Surgery so much more interesting. But, i also had the gut feeling that i will definitely get the subject that i like least. I dno why but it's just my fate or my luck. I am bounded to always stick around with things i don't like. It's like the more i dont like smt, the more i will get that thing.

So, can imagine when i knew that i had an Ortho case yesterday, my heart went into my throat. Luckily i still had some time going through some last min ortho stuff and at least i can still survive the diabetic foot. (yeap, my case was diabetic foot ulcer).

Then, you might think that since i already knew that i'm gna get medical-base case today, it shd be easier right? Fat NO. Medical-base has such a huge huge range to cover that it's almost choking even trying to cover that few main fav, common cases. Although i had heard time and again that medical base short cases are the main killers in exam and it's almost so easy to fail, but i told myself repeatedly not to worry. Cz i had done the CVS, respi and GIT so many times that even if i cant come up with the diagnosis, at least if i get my physical examination steps right, i will still get some marks and be able to pass. I told myself not to worry too much and i told myself it will be the common cases. After all, isn't that what all the lecturers always said? Only the common cases will come out.

Another night of not so quality sleep. I arrived at the outpatient clinic at 8 am and waited almost 3 hours b4 it was my turn. The wait was so long. i could feel my heart palpitating and a headache building as the tension mounts. I cant help got worried what if they put an uncommon case instead?

Finally, it was my turn. I went in and saw Dr. Z and Dato J. My heart did a flip flop already. I was asked to examine the CVS of the patient. And of all the cardiac cases that i had read (eg all valvular heart diseases, congenital heart diseases, cardiac failure, IE and rheumatic fever), my case is a case of prosthetic heart valve. I dno how many ppl in yr 3 will actually read about prosthetic heart valve or know inside out about it, but im certainly not the one who read about it. It's like i only glance through this word in Talleys and i was like wow, so many types of valves, we are gna have a more difficult time in yr 4 and lo and behold, i haven even go to yr 4 and i already got a case. Prosthetic heart valve is not even in our syllabus for this yr. We never had a lecture on prosthetic heart valves (or did it come under somewhere with only 1 or 2 slide) and more so came across a patient with prosthetic heart valve in our bst. I don't even know what type of murmur to elicit, how to differentiate a mitral from aortic valve, their indications and the only thing i can elicit is a click. At last Dr. Z told me that this case was indeed not a ques of my level and i was like then y of all cases i'll be so fortunate to get it. In fact i think im the only one who got it. Why don't i get case like Down Syndrome or Nephrotic syndrome instead.

Next case was thalassemia. Examination was ok but discussion was totally not ok. No, actually examination wasn't so ok either. But really, i was just so so so disappointed with myself at the end of the exam. I truly understood how short cases can kill you.

But, after a while, i decided not to dwell in it anymore. Some ppl are lucky to get very simple cases and some ppl are very unfortunate to get difficult cases like mine, scleroderma or myeloproliferative disorder. And basically, medical base kills twice the rate and severity than surgical base.

I had done whatever i can, and i will just enjoy my whole holiday and concentrate on my Watsons challenge. I came home after lunch, cleaned my room and pack my clothes. Now all my books are neat and tidy and i'm all ready to go back home.

While i was packing my heels to bring back, guess what? I found molds growing on my pair of Oxford. So disgusting. These molds are incorrigible. They grow everywhere!! Yucks yucks!!

See the whitish spots? thats the molds!! Disgusting ok? Imagine them growing eveywhere on all ur stuff as long as there is no dehumidifier. And damaging all ur beloved items.

I have an early morning flight to catch 2moro and a long time to spend at the airport again.

I cant wait to go home. Home sweet home. :)

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