Sunday, June 21, 2009

MCQ & MEQ Down

Finished MCQ and MEQ.

Compared to the previous MEQ, I realized that i managed to get the diagnosis for all the questions right this time. (miraculously). But that doesn't mean I'm gonna score 100 or something because I left out the calculus word and chunks and pieces here and there and not the exact, precise diagnosis. But when i realize that i was thinking along the right diagnosis as i drew a new sheet from the envelope each time, i was really happy. But there's a lot i forgot also like the mechanisms, investigations, management and even LOOK, FEEL, MOVE! Crap. I just hope i can pass today's paper.

Today MEQ ques was :
1) Acute calculus cholecystitis
2) Esophagus carcinoma
3) Acute septic arthritis of the right knee
4) Threatened abortion

Now have to prepare for the next few big parts. OSCE was never one of my fav anyway.

For now, take a nap 1st. I hope i can still rmb all the different heart and lung sounds. :)

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