Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Updates

I'll be flying to KK tomorrow morning. Woohoo! This trip round will be more of an adventure trip than shopping definitely.

Before i go MIA for another 1 week, let me keep you blog readers entertained with some short pictures update.

This was the beginning of my Watsons You Awards Season 2 journey. Went down to KL for the interview 3 weeks b4 exam.

Tried this at Fong Lye, the Taiwanese restaurant at The Gardens. This bowl of peanut shaven ice is simply heavenly. The best shave ice i had ever tried so far. So freaking yummy.

2 weeks b4 exam, i had to go down KL again due to part 2 of the Watsons challenge. This time, we were supposed to be promoting products and create brand awareness. We even bought cat ears and halo in hope that we can attract more ppl.

After coming back to KT, i realized i only had 13 days to fin everything i had learn in the past sem And these books are just a tiny weeny bit of the amount im supposed to be reading. Thats when panic kicks in.

Bought these 6 lovely Uhuhu from The Loaf at Pavilion. These are actually cheesecakes but goodness, they are so fluffy that they melts straight in the mouth. Left row from the furthermost top : caramel, strawberry and blueberry uhuhu. Right row from furthermost top : Mango, Vanilla (i think) and chocolate Uhuhu.

Even in the midst of the panic, i cant resist destressment shopping. Bought this at the Adidas warehouse sale in KT. Not that bad huh KT warehouse sale.

Hello from Tigger from Tokyo Disney and Penguin from Philip Island, Aussie

The day i progressed to O & G, i was left with only 3 days to exam.

My lunch. Hashbrowns yeap. But somehow all the supermarket hashbrowns dont taste as good as the ones i ate during my high school. Or more specifically, those fried by Joycie. Joycie, Joycie, i miss ur hashbrowns. ;p

First photo sticker! hahaha

Thats all. I will be back with all KK updates. Want to know if we make it to the top of the tallest mountain in Malaysia and 5th tallest in SEA? Continue reading my blog to find out. hehe. :D

Till then, happy Holidays to all those having holidays now :)

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anonymous 1 : haha.. nola..not so expensive.

anonymous 2 : thanks :)

when u mentioned about the hashbrowns, the first tot that came into my mind was joycie's hashbrown! *thumbs up*

OMG... How on earth you guys still rmb my hasbrowns?! hahaha.. I'm so honored!!! =))) How come kelly also know about my hashbrowns de? I thought i did it in F2? Wait, did i do it in F6 as well? How come i can't seem to rmb frying it in SIGS leh. Die la die la.. my memory is fading~!!! =S