Friday, June 19, 2009

Thud Thud Thud

Was in the midst of studying and i have this habitual habit to checked my email for 5 mins after studying for some time even though i might not have any new email but its like a habit especially when I'm stress.

So, i saw this new email from F that informed us that for the Grand Finale of the Watsons YOU Awards (which is 19th July btw, all welcome to support me or watch! haha), aside from the cat walks, we have to put up a grp performance (like how to practice the performance? we are all over Malaysia!!) and there will be some Q &A session by the judges.

So hard to win one this competition. So many challenges. But I'm not giving up, im far from giving up. I want to win this I want to win!! hahaha.. I mean im nervous like crap. Even now itself I dno why suddenly i can feel palpitation and rapid increase in heart rate. If you take my BP now, im sure it is increased too.

Like my exam in another 1 day is insufficient to make me already nervous. I think my heart will go *thudthudthudthudthuthudthud......* for the rest of the mth until 19th July. Maybe i will get fibrillation by then, literally! :p

And have to think of what to wear also because marks will also be given on the suitability of attire. *headache*.  Why cant they just find sponsors for our clothes?

I know alot of my friends are studying very hard right now. Gambate. 1 more day!

*thudthudthudthudthudthudthudthudthudthudthud....* (i think i will suffer insomnia due to all this, can i say, excitement plus nervousness plus stress?)

PS : To vote for me, now Mozilla is functional too. Watsons have fix the word verification problem! Yay :D. Continue voting for me k! Thank you :)

PPS : Sunday is Father's Day. But it's also the 1st day of my exam.. gosh.. i noe what is the best gift to my dad! Dad, i will do my best! I nd to persevere and CONCENTRATE right now!

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Haha...every competitor is facing this in every relax and treat it as a fun, you will not be nervous then. Regarding the what to wear, perhaps you can try to contact the designer Carven Ong,heard he hv been borrowing dressess to beauty pageants to wear during any function. Maybe you are lucky, he will do so :) No harm trying.

What kind of perfomance Watsons wants you to perform?

Haha, i just voted you, huahuahua..

hey all the best for ur exam!!

lol.. study first laa.. ppl palpitation for exam ler.. hahaha comes first...lain barang later..