Friday, July 10, 2009

Beaufort Vs Tamparuli Noodle

I had been crippled from the internet since yesterday and i thought the line was down. But apparently, it was my splitter prob. So anyway, i took my flu vaccine yesterday, not much effectiveness against H1N1 but well, at least i wont be getting the common flu that comes every now and then.

Been busy unpacking and packing since i came back from KK. Seems like i'll still be going Bangkok after all.

So, this is my 1st update of KK. KK had been awesome and this trip had certainly been a very fulfilling and wonderful experience. :)

#112 (1.7.09) - After all the anticipation, we finally arrived at the Land Below the Wind. Mt. K from my window seat.

First stop in KK was to filled our rumbling tummy. K brought us for KK's popular Beaufort noodle in this restaurant.

Beaufort noodle. The noodles were handmade and it comes with a lot of vegetables, pork and those sticky, gluey sauce.

Group pic at the restaurant

After waiting about 1 and half hour at Warisan Square for the shuttle bus to One Borneo, we were on our way to Kinabalu Park. On our way, the uncle stopped at Tamparuli, a small town of Tuaran for us to tried the famous Tamparuli noodles.

Apparently, they are very famous for their noodles and pumpkin bun

Pumpkin bun of Tamparuli. Tasted pretty good

Tamparuli noodles. Also handmade noodles. Personally, i preferred this over the Beaufort noodle but in general, Sabahan food are less salty

Braised pork with rice. This is very good.

My verdict is :
a) Beaufort noodle - 6/10
b) Tamparuli noodle - 7/10

More KK updates coming soon. :)

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