Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bishop's Head

Before our climb up Mount Kinabalu, we stayed a night at Mesilau Nature Resort which belongs to Sutera Sanctuary Lodge. Actually, all accommodations whether at Timpohon or Mesilau had been monopolized by SSL which is reall frusfrating and irritating because hiking up Mt. K is getting expensive due to this reason. In the past 1 or 2 years, climbing up Mt. K will just cost one about RM 100-200 but now, it will cost you at least RM 600-700. We managed to get it about RM 500 plus because we had DD's friend who commonly booked climbing Mt. K package to help us book ours.

The 3 days 2 nights package included 1 night stay here at Mesilau. The reason why we stayed at Mesilau when we are climbing from Timpohon (there are 2 gates into climbing Mt. K. One is the Mesilau gate which is longer but more scenic and the Timpohon gate which is easier and shorter but more boring) is because our initial plan was to climb from Mesilau but at last min request, we managed to changed to Timpohon.

Mesilau Nature Resort itself is a pretty big area and the very lodge that we stayed is called the Bishop's Head. Cute name huh. :p. It was raining when we got there, so soaking wet and with umbrella in one hand lugging our luggage, we trudded into our lodge. Fortunately, the place was very clean and our room is big and spacious and comfortable. There are also room heaters to keep us warm but not enough to keep us warm throughout the nite. As night approached, the temperature kept falling making sleeping pretty difficult because of the cold and i had to put on my turtleneck, long Johns and windbreaker just to sleep! Some of my friends even put on their winter gloves to sleep.

One thing about water heaters there was, while i was taking my shower, the heater was initially functioning and i was having a very comfortable bathe. You know, with the cold surrounding and you just stand under running warm water and i just wished to stand under the running water for as long as possible because it was just so comfortable especially after soaking wet here and there and shivering in the cold. But after conditioning my hair, to my horror, the warm water turned cold suddenly although the water heater is still running! Like ice cold. Very cold. I barely stood there for 1 min and all i want is jumped out of shower. Very unpleasant ok. The tap water was no better. The side that is hot was burning hot that it can scald you and the side that is cold is ice cold that it can gives you frostbite. So, to washed my face with warm water (cz ice cold water stings the face as well), i used my hand to collect some cold water 1st then turning to the hot water for a few secs and at least there was some warm water.

Digi had pretty bad reception here so had to look for specific spots for reception. And that was the only spot in the lodge that could received reception

The side view of our lodge at 6.45am.

The other Bishop's Head. Our lodge are surrounded by all these tall trees and wilderness. Very English like and very nice actually.

*Our room. 3 double decker bed for 6 person. The sheets are very clean and the blanket are fortunately thicker than the one provided at D'Villa.

* The common area but no tv. There's also a kitchen and dining area provided.

We had to walked up a pretty steep slope to Bishop's Head. Walking down, we saw this lush greenery surrounding us with the mountains behind. Very beautiful sight.

*Breakfast only starts at 7am but we were there even b4 they opened so took some pics of the surrounding. Very English like. I like. :)

The front of the restaurant where we had our buffet style breakfast.

* A waterfall can be seen from inside the dining area

Us at breakfast. Trying to finished our food in half an hour.

* The restaurant also had by the window table like this. Imagine sitting at that corner for breakfast and the amazing view you get. Breakfast had never been more inviting ain't? haha

We were also provided packed lunch for our climb which consisted of cheese and ham sandwiches, popiah, an egg, an apple and a can drink.

Fully energetic after breakfast, we traveled about 45 minutes to the HQ to meet our guide and started our climb up Mt. Kinabalu. :)

* Photos credit of OJW.

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