Friday, July 10, 2009

D'Villa, Kinabalu Park

On our 1st day after arriving from the airport, we spent most of our time traveling (to be exact about 2 and half hours) to Kinabalu Park where we will spend our nite.

Even at Kinabalu Park, the temperature was about 21 degrees and as nite approached, it became colder and colder and so cold that i had to sleep with jacket and socks.

The scenery on our way to the place we stay is so beautiful and so full of lush greenery.

Blue blue sky and green green grass

Can you spot Mt. Kinabalu? Along our journey, Mt. K disappeared and reappeared as we turned curves and bends. The road is pretty winding, so prepared motion sickness pills if you have motion sickness, if not surely puke

After some time, we stopped at this spot for toilet break where we can also see the peak of Mt. K! So excited seeing it on the 1st day. The peak we were going to be on in a few days.

Right outside the toilet, there are locals selling souvenirs so we took some time shopping for tees as souvenirs. All their tees are printed Mt. K or Sabah or have the Rafflesia design

According to uncle, the pineapples here are very sweet. He bought like 4-5 pineapples but we din buy cz how to carry pineapples up Mt. K right? haha

The trademark huge pineapple of the town

Finally, we arrived at our lodge. The lodge is situated very near the HQ also and easily seen from the roadside

The main building aka the eating area

We were supposed to stay in the dorm which looks like this from the outside. Very colourful right? Nice.

But we managed to get this whole unit to ourselves with 2 rooms inside, a shower place and toilet and our very own tv and Astro. Luckily we have our very own tv, so we can watched whatever programme we want, no nd to sit in the eating area and watch some shows that you actually do not want to watch..hehe

The lady boss of the lodge selling us some mountain climbing shoes which we later called Kampung Adidas :p. The shoes are made of rubber, so it is very good for the rain and they have spikes at the bottom like football boots, so it has better grip against rocks. According to locals, this is the best shoe to climb Mt. K. Dont really have to worry about it being uncomfortable. Due to its rubber texture, it is also pretty flexible.

From D'Villa, we can watch sunset pretty well. The surrounding of our lodge.

See the mist and clouds on top of the green hills

Sun setting behind us

We had a pretty comfortable stay there. It was relatively clean and cosy. But the water heater took so long to warm up that initially we thought it wasnt functioning and had to shower in cold water in the cold weather. Freaking cold ok but not as cold as what i experienced halfway up Mt. K. At least this one, still can stand under the running water for 10 minutes.

And you get to experienced sleeping with small insects flying around! hehe

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