Thursday, July 16, 2009

Poring Hot Spring & Canopy Walk

# 127 ( 16.7.09) - The postcard i sent home from Laban Rata finally arrived today. Snail mail certainly live up to it's name.

I was just wondering on how to add short talks above my blog post. Maybe this sounds like a very silly question to some of you, but i really dno how to do that. So, i will be glad to receive some pointers from anyone of you out there. :)

I had finished packing my luggage to bring it back until my next holi. I think it easily shows 10 kg on the weighing scale. I really tried minimizing the number of stuff to bring back. I left so many things back here in JB this time but still, it's amazing how i ever fail to travel light. I just had toooo many stuff to bring back. Too many clothes and shoes especially now that i have to prepare for the Watsons grand finals as well. My hands muscles ache not from climbing Mt. K or white water rafting but by lifting up and down the incredulously heavy luggage of mine.

Anyway, the postcard reminded me of how far behind i'm of my KK updates. So, here, i will continue with day 2 in Sabah. :)

# 113 ( 2.7.09) - After cuddling tightly in the very thin blanket provided at D'Villa for the night, the 4 of them from KL finally arrived at Kinabalu Park and after lunch, we made our way to Poring hot spring and canopy walk.

The weather in Sabah was kinda funny. It was drizzling while we were having our lunch but by the time we finished lunch, the sun was shining as brightly as ever. Then on our way down the canopy trail, it started pouring heavily again only to stop and shine after a while. E said the weather was emoing with us. Maybe! haha.

We had to pay RM 3 as conservation fee to enter the hot spring area. You know Kinabalu Park is also a world heritage site. It's funny how some ppl travel far just to visit some world heritage site but never been to our very own one. In case you are thinking our dear Poring is alike to those Japanese hot springs, then you will be greatly disappointed. Usually when we see or think about hot springs, we (i) think about a natural spring that produces warm water surrounded by stones and rocks in the open nature. But Poring is definitely not like that. In fact, there are no stones or rocks, the whole place is sheltered and they have some sort of tub (made up of tiles), four facing each other with a drainage hole and a pipe above. So, if you want to soak in the spring water, you go into the tub (more than one can fit in it- up to 2-3 perhaps), turn on the tap, let the water run until the level you want and switch it off and soak yourself for as long as you want. I did not try that as i did not bring any bathing suit and getting wet would had been such a hassle and i don't want to soak wet and pranced around in my wet clothes in the cold surrounding. (the Kinabalu park area temperature was somewhat always below room temperature).

The hot spring area. Front view. It's actually sheltered so don't have to worry whether it rain or shine.

Caution : HOT. No entry into this hot spring pool. I tried touching the water with my fingers and although my fingers did not get scalded (which means the water are not at boiling point), it is enough to give rise to first degree burn if you put your fingers in for too long.

Steam coming off from the 2 prohibited hot spring pools.

Apart from those tubs, there's also one big area specifically for anyone to soak their legs. It is said that the water contain sulphur that can soak away all your aches and tiredness especially after climbing Mt. K. We did the opposite though. Going there to soak our legs b4 climbing Mt. K and not after climbing. So, not really sure if it is truly effective in soaking away aches.

The rock pool for swimming. But it is at least 6m deep though.

The hot spring area and canopy walk is actually adjacent to each other. I mean if you want to go for the canopy walk, you'll definitely pass the hot spring. We have to pay another RM 3 for the canopy walk and we are charged RM 5 per camera. But of course, if you managed to smuggle your camera in and not let them caught you using, then you don't have to pay the RM 5. The advantage of a small and slick compact camera. DSLR definitely had no way of smuggling in. hehe..

We have to kinda walked for more than 1m to reach the hanging bridge. It took us about 20-30 minutes reaching the bridge. There are actually a total of four bridges, but now only 3 bridges are available. The 4th one is currently under renovation.

* Part of the reason we (i) decided to huff an puff my way up the trail to the canopy walk is to see tall, majestic trees like this that forms canopies to whatever below them

* Finally we arrived at the hanging bridge. It is made up of a single wooden plank with strong sturdy ropes and nets woven into the ropes at the side for support. Only a max of 6 are allowed on the bridge each time. At the end of each bridge is a circular observation deck where you can rest and take in the sight and smell of trees around you.

Up on the hanging bridge, the view was simply magnificent. We were simply surrounded by trees everywhere.

Tall, majestic greenery. We looked left, we looked right, we looked up, we looked down and all we can see are trees, trees and trees. The forest floor was barely visible from here.

Don't a view like this reminds you of a scene out of Lost or Jurassic Park?

It's a pity it wasn't the rafflesia season now and it's the budding season not the blooming season. So, we don't get to see the largest, red stinky flower but there are wild mushrooms everywhere instead.

If you want to experience something different, being very close to nature and visit Malaysia's 1st world heritage site, then the RM 6 will be worth spending.

We head on to Mesilau for the night where it started raining heavily again. We slept early every night during the KK trip which i thought was a little abnormal initially cz we usually maximise each day with activities but this time round, there was really nothing much to do at night and we needed the rest and to recharged.

Mesilau Resort coming next. :)

* Photos credit of OJW

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