Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm in The Star Newspaper

Yup. Today's newspaper.

I had not flipped today's paper until C told me that i am in The Star today. :)

So, if you guys had a copy of The Star today, turn to page M13 under Events. Hehe.

But, it's in Metro Central though so the copy i bought in KT don't have it and the copy my parents bought don't have it either. :(

So, if you are in KL and had a copy of today's paper, save a copy for me ok? :D

The good news is, the article is also available online at The Star Online. (click to read)

Or read it here straight from my blog la. Got my face and got my name too! It's not everyday my face appears on newspapers so really excited to read the article. haha. For a while, i thought that the event will never be in the paper. Surprisingly, it was in the paper finally. hehehe.. :)

" Contest brings out creativity

WINNERS in eight categories received RM,3000 each at Watsons “YOU Awards 2009” held at Sunway Pyramid recently.
Watsons Malaysia Marketing & Development director Jessica Ng said the event, comprising mainly college students, aimed to reward customers and was designed based on the concept that everyone was unique and beautiful in their own way.
Elated: Winners of the Watsons contest with the judges of the competition.
Participants had to go through three stages. Each category had 30 participants.
Contestants were then grouped into three teams and had to promote three brands in the most creative way at selected Watson outlets.
The grand finale involved the participants performing as a team and presenting their ideas to promote their assigned products.
The winners of the contest in their respective categories were Sudashini Nair (Healthy Hair), Nurul Akhmar Hannum (Friendly Face Female), David Hwi (Friendly Face Male), Dawn Ling (Engaging Eyes), Jonics Ooi Hui Ping (Luscious Lips), Jennifer Chang (Fit Figure), Allison Yeoh (Body Beautiful) and Philip Tan (Hip Hairstyle). "

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