Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Manchester United in KL!

KL, no to be exact, Bukit Jalil National Stadium had a sudden influx of red madness last weekend. Since Friday, Saturday and then Monday. But Saturday was definitely the peak. More than 85000 ppl flocked to the National Stadium because Manchester United was in town! Don't have to be in Manchester to watch Man U. In KL also can. :p. All Man U merchandised was selling like hot cakes.

I know, this is such an outdated post. Everyone knows by now Man U was in town. But i was very busy last week and i got so many things to blog about actually but i think i better blog about this 1st (for my own personal remembrance sake) b4 it gets so old that i can't rmb the feeling anymore.

Malaysia - the first country of Man U Asia Tour 2009.

To be honest, i was a Man U fan when i was younger than somehow i was influenced to changed side and i became an Arsenal fan and gosh, it's been so long since i kept up with all those football news that i'm sitting on the fence now. And after watching Man U played that night, i might switched back to Man U again. muahaha..

Wait, i'm not betraying Arsenal. Not yet. It's just ppl change, likings change ( you know like how you use to like the way the club plays but now, not anymore cz their tactics just don't appeal to you anymore).

I did not even decide to watch the match until the very last minute. Cz we were staying very close to the stadium and we had nothing else to do for the rest of the evening and because DD is a HUGE fan of Man U and i know he would love to see them play live (it's like all guys dreams to watch their fav team play live if possible in their very own stadium at least once in their lifetime it seems) and because i might get to catch a glimpse of Michael Owen rite? haha. I know Owen is not exactly the hottest guy around now but he is still cute what.

We bought our tickets at the stadium itself and we got ourselves the RM 58 tickets which was the cheapest one and furthest away. But never mind if it was the cheapest or furthest, at least we got a chance to watched them live. Some of their fans, like the Indons don't even had a chance to watched them play at all because of the bombings so for that, i felt very lucky already.

We were coming back from KLCC after lunch and as you guess it, the whole lrt was filled with red. RED everywhere. RED rules the city for a day. Practically, as you turn left and right, front and back, you'll be swamped around by people in red or black or white. But 90% was in red. The whole lrt was so sardine-packed with redness that if you have phobia to red, sure cry one.

Bukit Jalil National Stadium. We were smart enough to get our return lrt tickets when we reached so we don't have to queue super duper long later. :). But our mistake was forgetting the binoculars. If you are watching any match live at a stadium and unless you are seated like super near, don't forget your binoculars. You do want to see those players face up close rite. Not just small images that you can barely made out who is who.

Almost everyone turned up was singing 'Glory glory Man U'. What happens to our patriotism huh? haha. But, no fret. There's still one or 2 stalls around selling Malaysia merchandise in case you are not a Man U supporter and really hope (better hope harder next time) that Malaysia will thrash them. Or just wna show Malaysia some support. Or if you want the camera to be focusing on you. Cz the camera kept focusing on this group of Malaysian supporters which was like 5% of the whole stadium. haha

Obviously, there are stalls that sells the official Man U Asia tour merchandise as well.

Yay. Our official Man U Asia Tour shirt. :). The whole stadium ppl was wearing Man U shirt/jerseys, so you don't want to get bash by wearing Arsenal or Liverpool or Chelsea jerseys rite.

But apparently, he don't mind taking the risk of being bash up.

The line up for Man U first half

Guess who the crowd was cheering for as they made their grand entrance into the stadium? You knew it, dont ya? hehe

Told ya, a sea of redness. Took this from where i sat. It was hot, it was red, it was crazy and the players look tiny.

Even after maximum zoom, i still can't focus on just one player without the picture turning out blur. Even after maximum zoom, they still look small and blur. And i can't really make out their face in the pics. In real, can see better of course. But while they are moving around, kicking and running, it was easier to recognize them by their build and style. Or easier still, just look at the big screen. :p

Felt such a pity that all following pictures are not clear and you gotta look out for the players number to know who they are.

Can spot Wayne Rooney? Malaysia's goalkeeper blocking an attempt by Wayne

Malaysia's first goal. Don't play play. Malaysia did not lost 6-0.

The guys in blue jerseys are the Malaysia team. Celebrating their first goal.

Action on field.

More action. So blur right the pics? Man U was attacking most of the time and Malaysia was defensing most of the time. But, really Man U did not play to their best that night. Kinda a disappointment.

Iin the 2nd half, Ferguson finally decided to put Owen and Giggs into the field. How the crowd love that moment. They just cheered and screamed all the way. And i get to see Owen in real! And the best part was he was the striker so he was standing near the goal post most of the time near where i sat. :D. Alas, he love to give me the sexyback. Almost all the time, it was his back i saw not his cute face cz he got to watched out for the ball.

Can see anot his sexyback (although not very sexy also.. haha)?

The final score for Man U vs Malaysia first game

It had been exciting watching their game live, it had always been exciting watching games live. The cheer, the shouts, the sweat and the madness. Reminds me all over again of my first time at the Athens Summer Olympics! :)

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As far as i know, many flew all the ways from Bangkok just to watch the match. Haha, you are lucky to be there, they dont come too often i think.Anyway congrats to your beauty contest winning, woot~~

They made plenty of money this trip..lol