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Watsons YOU Awards Season 2 Grand Finale

Group 1 win, win, win!!!

*WARNING : LONG POST AHEAD (but interesting one. Or if you like to know about my journey throughout the Watsons Competition or if you want tips to participate in Season 3 :p)

The grand finale was held at Sunway Pyramid last Sunday.

It had been sort of a long journey since i first signed up, got selected unexpectedly, undergone the various challenges and finally, being up there on stage, trying my very best to calm all excitement and nervous nerves down.

There were four parts altogether for this competition and all 4 parts played pivotal role in contributing to our winning (or not) in our category. Each part carries a certain percentage in what makes up 100% at the end of the day. The 4 parts consisted of the interview (which i only knew after the interview), the Watsons challenge, the voting and finally on the day of the Grand Finale itself.

For those that do not know yet, the Watsons YOU Awards were proudly brought to you by Watsons and various sponsors and this is the 2nd time Watsons organize this competition. There were a total of 8 categories altogether; Healthy Hair, Friendly Face Female, Friendly Face Male, Engaging Eyes, Luscious Lips, Fit Figure, Body Beautiful and Hip Hairstyle Awards.

I decided to signed up for the category that i least expected myself to win actually and with 4 weeks to go b4 my exam, i went down to KL for the interview. The interview was ok, i thought i did pretty well, but you never know. The good news was, i got through and was selected as one of the 3 finalist in my category. When i saw my other 2 competitors, that's when i realized i'm in a real competition running side by side 2 other beautiful ladies with stunning figure as well. I mean like seriously, me with beautiful figure? It just never cross my mind before! haha..

The shock came when i knew that there was a Watsons challenge where we were divided into groups and were given 3 items to promote at one of the most happening mall in KL. I mean this was totally unexpected and i had to decide there and then whether to proceed on with the competition or to withdraw because it would mean burning extra cash, time and energy. Since the winning prize was only RM 3K, i truly did not want to spent a bomb cz at that point in time, i wasn't even sure yet if i could win. I mean i want the money, i could take up my long waited scuba diving licence with the money, sponsoring part of my bro's phone, covering those transportation and cost for the challenge and whats not. But yet, I was more concerned of the traveling part because it meant i had to travel down to KL again the following week and it's only 3 weeks away from my exam and i had not started reading anything when i know so many ppl are studying like so hard at the moment. It was very stressing but i did not want to quit after having to go through the 1st phase already and so i stayed on, contacted with my group mates through email and fortunately, i had a group of amazing group mates who are very easy to talk and discuss with.

We met up the following week and for the very 1st time i met all of them (except R who had her internship) at Watsons Pavilion. After communicating a week with them only through email, it was exciting meeting them and true enough, they were wonderful ppl. We had a long day in heels promoting 3 products from 3 of our sponsors and we were judged.

Then a few days b4 exam, i got an email that briefed us about the grand finale and were told that we had to come up with a 2 min performance with our group mates. I was stunned cz at that moment, we were all over Malaysia and we had our holidays and plans and i really wasn't sure how we were ever going to practice whatever performance we were going to do. I don't know why but i was so pumped up with adrenaline that i couldn't slept for the night, i could't study, i just couldn't do anything other than thinking of what we could do for our group performance and my attire as well. Cz we were initially told that Watsons would find us sponsor for our wardrobe but the email state that we had to provide our own wardrobe and will even be judge on that! It's not that i do not have enough clothes or do not trust my sense of fashion (ahem) but it's just maybe i had too many clothes that i don't know which to choose. :p

Exam came and go, holidays came and i was very much occupied with my holiday in KK and Bangkok and suddenly Watsons went out of my mind until i was back in JB and i saw the email about meeting up on the 18th (which was honestly the day right before the finale). Ok, so one day b4 comp will be the day that for the very 1st time, we were going to meet and practiced our group performance. And we were going to dance! Gosh, i am ever nervous performing on stage and no matter how many times i performed on stage, each time gives me the goosebumps and to dance in front of the public? Ok, that was really a new experience but as i had said, i'm already in this, i can't quit so i can only go all out. Like it's only 2 minutes, so right, i supposed 2 mins wouldn't caused that much damage.

Surprisingly, i slept pretty well throughout the night and everything from head to toe was done by ourself for the finale. From the hairdo to the make up to the clothes we wore and the shoes we put on. I was at Sunway pretty early that day and the stage was set up and there were booths all around the concourse. Some other contstants were already there as well and really, i was surprisingly calm on that day. I mean i was nervous and all, but not to the extend that my knees could shake cz that's what usually happens when i'm so extremely nervous.

Touching up our make up at one of the make up booth

We were group 1 so our performance was the first and the judges were all punctual so the whole event kicked off right at the dot. I had a few MJ lovers in my group and as a tribute to the King of Pop, we used MJ's songs for our performance. I don't know bout this, but i was just wondering if you readers are interested to watch our group performance. ;) I mean, me dancing in public.. hmm it's really funny can. I have mix feelings about this one so i just thought maybe you all wont want to see me dancing after all, so leave me a comment or email and let me noe if you all wna watch. So, if i know got ppl wna watch, then i will put up the video ok?

After the 1st round in which we were to dressed up casually, we changed immediately to our formal/ dinner wear. My choice of outfit and make up and hair do. Nothing complicated. Just a simple hair do and make up. Guess what? The dress is from Macha Sundae. :)

After our 2min performance, we had a short session as a whole group regarding our Watsons challenge the other day at Pavilion and each of us took turn to explain our theme, ideas, lessons gained etc.

The panel of judges. So many of them.

Next, it's time for our individual category. That is the host, Faiz asking me my question. We went up, did a catwalk, 4 poses and stood there for our question and answer session. I saw a lot of ppl writing down what they were planning to say to cliche question like 'why you should win'. But for me, i prefer spontaneity. It's not like i did not think about it, i did but i just choosed not to write it down in paper.

Then it was the brand quiz time. Brand quiz means asking something about our sponsors; my category was Body Beautiful and our sponsor was Nivea.

My heart was doing all the flip flops, thud thud thud, upside down thumping b4 i stepped on stage, but standing up there and looking at the familiar faces of my bro and frenz really gave me the support i nd to not panic and rmb what to say. It really meant so much.

Fortunately, the whole event went quite smoothly and even b4 4 pm, the event had ended. We had to wait only a while before we all went up for a final parade and waited for the result to be annouce for each of our respective category.

Once again, my heart did all those gymnastic stunts in that little limited space it has within my pericardium and i could barely take a breath as they annouce the winner.

I was very surprised not to mention on cloud nine as well when they announced that i won the Body Beautiful category. It was something i never imagined i could win 1 month ago and when i told my housemates i was going for this category interview, i was u know, pretty unsure myself so winning this was not something i expected but it was awesome and amazing. I just wanted to prove to girls and guys out there of what 'body beautiful' is. No doubt, having the hourglass figure is definitely the perfect beautiful body that makes even girls drool but i think besides the physical part that fulfils the criteria, it comes from the mind. It comes with confidence and being healthy.

Handing me my mock cheque. Woots!

With the managing director of Watsons, editor of Remaja magazine and Nivea representative

Winners of each category. Congrats to all the other winners as well ;)

With the panel of judges

All the finalists for Watsons YOU Awards Season 2

We had an interview session with the media ppl after the prize giving and photography session. Felt like a star for a moment. haha!

My diligent photographer of the day. Everything was moving so quickly that day, we moved on stage, off stage etc so it wasn't easy running around with just a compact camera trying to shoot all those movements.

Of course, friends who came that day whether for a short while or not meant a great deal to me. Your presence gave me the boost i need and seeing those familiar faces when you are about to panic definitely calm down the nerves to the roots.

My beloved good friend, Sarah who had chopped down her hair! Her new look for the new sem

Pretty May Vern who came just in time when the results was announced

Fit figure Jen, Eyes that will kill Dawn, yours truly, hair that shines with health Sudha and ever hip hairstyle Philip.

I was very happy to meet these darlings. High school friends

The bunch of cute ppl that stayed from the beginning to the end, who were cheering for me all the way.

And of course some ppl like Ed which i did not managed to snap pic with. Thank you so much for coming, for lending me your support and to all others who believe in me all the way, for the support throughout the comp and for being there for me. Thank you so much. I truly appreciate that. A friend in need is a friend indeed. :) And how can i forget my family. Without their constant support and encouragement, i don't think i will be in this comp in the 1st place. I felt so blessed to have all these ppl i love to be encouraging me.

At least, the hard work and tiredness paid off. It had been yet another fantastic experience participating in this comp and the amzing ppl i met who helped me along the way.

It was a lot of work, a lot of time and a lot of energy but i was glad i decided to stayed on and went through. :)

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congratulation on winning the competition

Congratulations on your Awards!
You are so beautiful, I love you.

vkvun : Thank you ;)

yennie : thank you :)

vietsichum : thank you :)

how come no one mentioned the video? or u moderated those which did so u don have to show??

I want to see leh!!

and congrats darling, glad your efforts paid off! :D

norven : maybe cz no one wants to see me dancing! lol.. thanks babe. :)

hi, just dropping by via xchange. Congratulations on winning the competition. =)

great great great!
Congratulations babe...
u deserve it... =P

swingy : thanks for dropping by :)

kuntong : thanks man!


Great smile there :) cheers.

I wanna see your dancing performance,hehe.

WOW babe, you are great! congrats on winning the competition: cheers!

Woots~! Miss Body Beautiful!!!
Congratulations babe!! =D *cheers*

Miss body beautiful, wat ya gonna do with your 3,000 riggit?

anonymous : hmm plenty.. haha :p

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chloe : nope.. never too late.. hehe.. u be back for how long ar?

Hello , I was wondering , what did the other 2 finalists receive ?
And congratulations too by the way !

anony : thanks :) the other 2 finalists got a hamper each courtesy of each category sponsor :)