Monday, August 24, 2009


When my bro was in kindergarden, he came back one day and sang the 'coconut song' and it was getting addictive by the day. Cz u get to do the action at the end of the song which is quite funny when u were 9 years old.

I can barely rmb now how the song goes but i noe at the end of the song, you spell the word 'coconut' as in c-o-c-o-n-u-t and you use your fingers to do the letters.

I tried roasted coconut when i was in KK. After spending a few hours walking by the beach in Rasa Ria (Shangrila KK), we were all very thirsty. And the weather was so hot. And May's friend told us roasted coconuts are one of the must try in KK.

Around KK town, i don't see any roasted coconuts at all. In fact, i never saw one or tried one b4 that. Apparently, only at Tuaran you can find these roasted coconuts. I forgot the street name dy but all i know is it's along our way to Rasa Ria and can see the singboard that points to Tuaran crocodile farm. (But if you all want to know the street name, just email me. I will ask May or my godbro where is it!). We din know which is the best stall to go as there were soooo many stalls side by side, each having a signboard that has either a coconut or roasted coconut on it and can even see some chao-ta, burnt coconut. All black dy. Don't think can eat anymore.

Rule of the thumb is, if you dno which is the famous stall or which is the one that will 'ketuk' (charge you more than you should pay jz cz they know you are not locals from your appearance, dressing, accent etc) you, then go to the stall that has the most number of customers. Don't go to the stall with no one inside and you can see abundant unsold coconuts. Cz the one with the most customers is obviously one that is not only nice but also reasonable. At least, this has been true for me so far. Unless all tourists gets cheated together. Like you see one stall with ppl (a) and the other stall empty (b) and following the rule of the thumb, you go to (a). But truth is, (b) is actually nicer and more reasonable than (a) just that the ppl who was in (a) are also tourist and they randomly went into (a) and you follow suit. Then other tourists who follow rule of the thumb also go into (a) so like the blind leading the blind. lol.

Weather was so hot and i was very tempted by all the varieties of coconut they offer.

Coconut pudding in coconut. RM 4. But damn big le the coconut. Like 3 times the coconut i usually see. And freaking nice. Just out from the ice box, still had ice on it. Feel like eating one this very minute!!

Once you open up the coconut, it is filled with pudding entirely. The one beside it is also coconut pudding, but in cup. (RM 2). But my advice is, go for the one in coconut. Can share with your frenz or family cz very very big. More shiok eating from the coconut. (and got coconut flesh)

Normal coconut. This is call 'kelapa sejuk'. Got another call 'kelapa muda'. Maybe the muda one smaller than this sejuk one cz sejuk one is RM 2.50 and muda one is RM 2. Absolute thirst quencher.

And finally, the starlet of our visit to the coconut stall.

Roasted coconut!! (Kelapa Bakar) RM 2.50.

I thought after being roasted, the water will decrease but apparently not. There are 2 version. One is the inside still remain white, tender and smooth and the water is still clear.

The other is that the coconut flesh had turned brown and even the water is a brownish-red color. At first i thought it was just the reflection of the coconut, but after comparing both roasted coconuts, realized it's really 2 version.

But whether the flesh and water change color anot, the taste is almost similar. The flesh of both coconuts after being roasted are more chewy and rubbery and less sweet. The water are sweeter and have this 'roasted' taste but the one that change color tasted better than the clear one. According to godbro, u can act ask them to bakar your coconut until the inside also brownish. The roasted ones are also served hot by the way. The coconut water was like boiling water. Have to blow mouth by mouth before drinking. I think they purposely give us 2 version to try.

Can see the differences between both roasted oconuts?

Honestly, i dont really like the roasted one. Maybe cz it's hot and the weather was hot but mainly it's because i don't like the more rubbery texture and 'roasted' taste of the water. My starlet is the coconut pudding definitely! :D

This is how the stall look like. They also sell some fingerfood and snacks to go along with the coconuts. Oh, and this stall owner had a squirrel as their pet. So cute seeing the squirrels chewing on the nuts.

Overall, the coconuts were so juicy, big and definitely make us happy after drinking.

After all the coconut talk, let's all hear a coconut song now, aye? :)

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I love coconut too but just the cool coconut water. Cheers with coconut water :) =)

wah...i did not tried roasted coconut before....but u dun like it...let me try next time...not easy to find at KL here....i like coconut pudding a lot....very nice to eat.

Hi, Vialentino n Allison, have you try coconut ice cream before?

anonymous : yup, i tried them in Bangkok. Very nice and filling!