Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Coconut Ice Cream

I went to the gym today but ate fish head curry for dinner. Cause it was raining. So fish head curry on a rainy day is super shiok. But then, i suppose i just ate back whatever i had burnt. T_T

And i'm craving for ice cream now. In the middle of the night b4 i go to sleep. But no ice cream around now. So, to compensate my craving, i'm gna show all you some ice cream pic. To be exact, coconut ice cream! Yay. I tried coconut ice cream for the first time in Bangkok at Chatuchak. It was a very hot day and after all the massive shopping and squeezing inside Chatuchak, ice cream is the perfect desert. Very creamy, very rich texture and very coconutty. The best part of all, it's only RM 2 for 2 scoops. Yum :D

Coconut ice cream served in a coconut husk with coconut flesh.

And peanuts. Enjoying my coconut ice cream. Mum wanted me to wear mask in Chatuchak cz a lot of ppl there. She scare i get infected with H1N1.

Close up pic of coconut ice cream. Yummy yum yum. *licks*

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