Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Funniest BST

Today i had one of the funniest bst ever. In fact, i think it's the funniest bst i ever attended. For the whole 2 hours, we were laughing non- stop.

For all my non-medical friends and prolly wondering what bst is, bst stands for bed side teaching. For every bst session, we take turns to clerk a patient to present to the group and a lecturer and we will discuss the case and at the end of each case presentation, we will be evaluated and given marks. And today is my turn to present a case.

I really don't like clerking ortho cases especially in the male ward (due to some previous bad experience, you see got some male patients they very 'miang' one and then they will kacau kacau the girls cz maybe they live in such ulu place that they never see girls b4 and dno how to be civilized when they see girls) but there's not much cases in the female ward. I was walking around the female ward for almost half an hour feeling very clueless of what case to clerk. There's a few fractures, diabetic foot and cellulitis cases but BT was already clerking a cellulitis case which he presented for the morning session and the diabetic foot patient already had an amputation and she was sleeping and anyway, all the female patient was resting and there's so few of them. So, i went into the male ward and 95% of cases was due to alleged MVA with fracture here and there. Sien. There's a Baker's cyst but also being clerked already. There was also cruciate ligament tear but i don't feel like clerking that case as i don't wanna perform all the drawer tests. (ya, i know i was picky). So, i walked around aimlessly wondering what case to clerk and then, i found a case of malunion of fracture. Not the most interesting case, but i was running out of time. (which in the end was not a case of malunion although that was what the HO wrote as the diagnosis!)

Anyway, the case i clerked was already clerked yesterday by another friend and also our senior and i found out im third person to clerk him. But, he was still so patient repeating his story probably for dno how many times. And halfway clerking him only i realized he was an active IVDU (intravenous drug user). See, i didn't looked at the case file b4 clerking so i didn't know. I'm not discriminating against active IVDU but IVDUs have high risk behaviour and we are suppose to take precautionary measures when come in contact with such patients cz of their risk of HIV, Hep B etc.

So, back to the funnist bst. Our bst was with Mr. S in the afternoon and 1st he found us a nice room where we get to sit instead of having to stand for the whole 2 hours and they are fixing the aircon, so hopefully, we get to use the air con soon (very hot in the ward, got fan only). haha. We all thought it will be just an hour bst since usually with hospital doc, it is always one hour but he used full 2 hours but it wasn't one bit boring and throughout the 2 hours, i did not lose concentration one bit. Maybe partly cz im the one presenting but aside from that i strongly think it is because Mr. S make the session funny and interesting. But maybe cz he is in a super gd mood today, i don't rmb our bst with him last yr was this funny. If only every ortho session is like that, i won't have to feel like i have to drag myself to ortho ward and maybe i won't find ortho so boring.

Seriously, i think the teacher/lecturer plays a very important role in helping us to understand and learn. I mean, yala we students also play a part but when you have a teacher/ lecturer who knows how to teach and make the class funny and interesting, we tend to be able to concentrate more and thus absorb more and not get so restless quickly like keep looking at our watch counting every min that past and by 12pm, usually, we can't wait to out of the hosp to go for lunch. No wonder people say a good teacher produces good students. :)

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Wasia...another long post, haha, you are good at writting long essay which is good in other fields but at times it will makes one's eyes closing smaller and smallest and finally closed..J/k j/k.

Anyway....lots of informaton in your blog.Thanks!