Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hot Hot Mamak

In places where mamak can't be any more commoner; where mamaks like Murni, Steven's corner, William corner etc exist, Hot Hot is like the dwarf compared to these mamak giants.

But then again, i'm in turtleland remember? So, to be fair to turtleland, i want to share what turtleland also has to offer other than their lack ofs!

In turtleland, mamak is not quite a common affair actually. Malay food, yes, in abundance. But not mamak. And good mamak that has good food with reasonable price is even more rare. And don't expect 24 hours mamak here. No such thing. People in KT leads healthy lifestyle one. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise. lol!

But there's one mamak situated some 15 min away from KT town, very near to the airport, right after the 2nd last traffic light to the airport which is i think one of the best mamak in KT. One look from outside, this mamak has no signboard whatsoever. I used to call it no signboard mamak, but my friends told me it is called Hot Hot (although i never saw any sign with that 2 words on it b4 there). A lot of UMT students hang out there one.

What i like best in Hot Hot is their curry puffs. :D. Everything about the curry puff is nice, from the crispy crust to the juicy potatoes filling. And you know how most normal curry puff (forget those that cost RM 1 ones) fillings always cheat their customers as you practically can savor the filling after eating halfway through the puff cz the 1st and last part of the puff is empty and you are only eating crust? But not with Hot Hot curry puff. They are best consume while they are still hot but not right out of the wok cz that'll be too hot.

# 155 (13.8.09)- Hot Hot curry puff. I like!

The filling. The curry also nice which is probably half the reason why the filling is nice.

Since i already blog about their curry puffs, then i will show all of you some other usual mamak food we eat there. Of course, they have more than just these, like nasi lemak, nasi goreng etc. The common mamak food basically.

Vadai. An Indian vegetarian food. Second to the curry puffs. But this one must see the mood of the person making it. Most days it is nice but on some day, not so nice.

Roti kosong. Actually when eating roti, what is important is also the curry that goes with it. Agree anot? Like when i ate it with their curry chicken, i felt that it is nice but when i tried their dahl, it sucks cz the dahl sucks. Too sweet dy, unless sweet dahl is your cup of tea.

Roti tampal. Funny but when i told most of my friends about roti tampal they never heard of it b4 and they thought that roti tampal and roti telur is the same thing. I don't think it's just a JB term right? Roti tampal is basically roti kosong with an egg pasted ON it. Roti telur is roti kosong with the egg IN it. And in JB, roti telur means come with onions, chillies etc. For me, i prefer roti tampal over roti telur. Nicer. If you never heard of such thing, next time u go to a mamak, just tell them roti tampal. They will know one.

Roti Bom with an egg pasted on it. I think the margerine not enough. But means less fat! haha

Chicken murtabak. I purposely overturn that piece so that everyone can see the chicken.

Maggi goreng. Just like every other maggi goreng but at least it is not so 'wet' like some maggi goreng

# 158 (16.8.09) - Mee mamak goreng. Ask for more 'pedas'. Good! Cheap and authentic mee mamak goreng.

As i said the mamak is by the roadside, but not on the roadside and it's just a very warung like mamak. Not in a shop.

Ok, so the next time KT folks wna try out mamak other than those in town, take a 15 drive. If you want directions, i don't think GPS can help you. But........

who needs some lousy GPS when you can have a real, life guide? :p

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hi alli:) thanks for dropping by in my blog :) i see so much nice food here in this post:) * drools * lol. nice blog you have anyway :D

Oh this is the mamak may vern was talking about .... near the airport..will try it out this thurs :)

ee yin : yes, yes shd go try it out! haha.. and bring me back some currypuff pls! haha..nah, kidding onli! hope u like the food.

wah allison.....u like to eat too and u can maintain ur body shape....wats ur recipe? hehehe....delicious food...making me hungry now.

vialentino : haha.. yup..loves to eat.. erm no secret recipe. jz normal exercise and normal eating! ;)

Yup Hot Hot is really hot and a lepakzz of UMT students mostly indian n chinese.

to correct you also its not a mamak stall. They are pure indian.

vviisshhnnuu : really? all this while we tot it's mamak.. Thanks for the info :)