Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Want Anna Sui Moisture Rich Base Makeup

I was really excited and thrilled when i read about Anna Sui Moisture Rich Base Makeup Fall 2009 collection from Tongue In Chic. And whats more exciting is that TIC is giving away 5 sets of Anna Sui Moisture Rich Foundation Makeup and Colours to 5 lucky readers! Whoa. I had never done any makeup post b4 cz i never thought i'm good enough at makeup to give makeup tips yet. (notice the yet? Maybe after more 'coloring' of my face then maybe i can start giving makeup tips to beginners, then i will write such posts :) ) But what i do know is that, base makeup foundation is very important. To me, it is the most essential item in makeup.

If i can choose to have the face skin of anyone in this world, i will like to have Sammi's one from the SK II ad on tv. It's because right, in that ad, her skin is so flawlessly beautiful and it glows, shines and radiates so healthily and vibrantly that it makes me want to go grab that bottle of SK II straightaway. There's not a single acne, not a single fine lines, you can't see a single fine hair, not a single blackhead,a single freckle and you get my point. And the most important thing is that her face looks so natural, as if no makeup was apply. Now, that's the beauty of natural make up.

Natural beauty to me is looking pretty, alluring and attractive even without makeup on. It's looking at a girl in her most original self. Like even if she just got right out of bed and still look pretty. Or after a massive workout and still look pretty. They are born lucky with already nice features. And even luckier if they have smooth, glowing, healthy skin like baby's bottom to accompany their features. The best place to seek for natural beauty queens will be at schools. Cz no primary and secondary school students wear make up to school one rite?

Flawless beauty means a perfect beauty queen. You can't find any flaws in her. From outside to inside, she is just so perfect. No matter how hard you try to find flaws in her, she is just flawless. Nola, what i actually mean is that her physical appearance, mainly the skin is flawless. Perfect skin with no imperfections whatsoever. Porcelain-like skin. Again it is correlated to natural beauty. Cz these very lucky girls have skin that is so so so smooth, radiant and soft naturally that it makes me so envoius ok. Come to think of it, it seems only in Barbie world or anime world, we can find natural and flawless beauty. Cause Barbie don't makeup yet she is already so pretty and her skin is perfect.

Imagine , what if you were given a chance to create a natural and flawless party look for Anna Sui dolly girl this Autumn? Awesome right. Now, with looklet, we can create any look for any occasion. Of course, any theme for Anna Sui party will be black and purple, the Anna Sui colour :p.

I had been playing with looklet for the past few days (now you know how i occupy my time) until i think my eyes are so bedazzled by black and purple clothes and accessories already. But quite fun also. You can also choose your own models and background and actually can even choose the effect like black and white and sepia etc. I came up with 6 looks altogether.

Look # 1 - Click picture to enlarge. Front, back and potrait view.

Look # 2

Look # 3

Look # 4

Look # 5

Look # 6

What if you are like me? Not so fortunate to have flawlessly beautiful skin? Or even with flawlessly natural skin, you still want to protect your skin? Well then base makeup foundation is the key to helping us and also the dolly girls achieve that naturally-looking and flawless look effortlessly. We want to look flawless but we all don't want to look to made-up right? Like having layers of powders or colours on our face. Makeup is actually just like painting or coloring. So, foundation is the most important facet to makeup cause it is like the blank canvas where all colours will be applied on it. Foundations can help to hide facial imperfections such as pigmented areas of skin, scars or depressions. And it helps to protect our skin from the sun, dryness cause by air-conditioner and even the wind. With Anna Sui Moisture rich base makeup foundation, it can not only help us to achieve flawless and naturally-looking skin, it also nourishes our skin with their anti-oxidant botanical extracts. As our skin are being nourish, it will not be dull-looking and our skin can radiates brightly and healthily. And we all can have Sammi's face skin on the ad without editing done. :)

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