Monday, August 10, 2009

Magazine Photo Shoot

Over the weekend, i was in KL for the Remaja magazine photo shoot (look out for Sep 15th issue!). In case you are wondering Remaja what, it's a local fashion magazine with a minimum of 150k circulating copies each month. (i was told by F.. haha)

It was my first time doing photo shoot for a magazine and i was very excited and nervous at the same time.

I watched models doing photo shoots all my life on tv and never thought that i will be doing one one day but life is so full of suprises eh? :p

When i reached KL, the first thing that hit me was i forgot to bring any heels down with me. For 5 hours plus, i was sitting comfortably in the car, chatting, dozing away and totally forgot about the existence of heels until the very moment i was about to get out of the car and thats when i started searching for my heels and then i remembered. The two pair of heels i nicely took out was still sitting at home, in WT, in KT! Goodness. I was chiding myself for being so forgetful and blur. Or maybe it's a sign. A sign for shopping. To add on my shoes collection. That must be it. I'm not so blur one. :p

I'm going for a photo shoot and i did not bring any heels or shoes with me. Must be due to hyperstimulation of excitatory hormones. The only thing i had on was a slipper. How to wear slipper for photo shoot?? And imagine dressing up nicely on top and slippers at the bottom? Yucks. So salah can.

But luckily, it is KL, so at least there are always the malls around and the nearest mall to me was Mid Val. And fortunately the photo shoot was in the afternoon, so i still had time to made it to the mall 1st thing in the morning, grab my heel and made my way to Shah Alam.

This is the most expensive heel i have to date. This pair of bondage heel cost me RM 130. Treat it as my reward to my dear feet who suffered so much from all my climbing and walking. haha! I don't usually buy so expensive heels (my heels are usually rm 50-60, i only had like a few which is close to Rm 100 but never beyond RM 100) cz i will be so sakit hati if the expensive heel get scratch or chip or soak with water or step by someone that i probably want to protect them so much that they mite end up being worn only a few times and worse if the moulds get to them first. Charles and Keith is finally open in Mid Val and thats currently my fav shoe shop in town cz their shoes are very comfortable and fashionable. So much better than Vincci. Vincci shoes are mostly very uncomfortable and not to say cheap too. I initially went to Aldo to checked out their shoes but once i turned the price tag, i had to put the shoes back. Even though i wish to reward myself with a pair of nice shoe, but Aldo is still kinda over my budget at the moment. Next time maybe, after i start working.

It wasn't that hard looking for the place, thanks to directions by Nurul.

The make up room where the make up artist took an hour to do my make up.

The studio for the photoshoot. Look at all the lights, flashes, background.

I brought a few clothes for selection but somehow the person-in-charge wanted me to wear this set of clothes for my photoshoot. There were 7 of us but i was the first to go as i was the first to be ready. So, the studio lights were dimmed and i was told to start posing. I thought she would show me some poses as im totally amateur at this but I am all by myself. I started out a little awkwardly at first but soon after warming up, things were going pretty good and fun.

My fav of the bunch and i hope they choose this pic and not some other ugly pics.

My make up artist.

The hairstylist. She was supposed to help me style my hair but she said my hair is beautiful enough and don't nd to style or anything so she did not do anything to my hair! I regretted not bringing my hair spray cz i could had done something to my hair myself. I told her i wna add volume to my hair for the shoot, you know they will help you do it. I know hairstylists knows how to do that and i was hoping she could maybe curl my hair or whatever. Instead of the plain straight style but she said she did not bring any hairdryer and insisted that my hair is fine as it is. Pissed for a moment cz she is the hairstylist and if she just sits there and tells everyone their hair is fine, then whats the purpose of having a hairstylist around? But later she told me that she wasn't feeling very well, hence wasn't in the mood to style hair. Jeng Jeng @@

After everyone was done, we took a group pic in the studio. So happy to see them again.

Started to get crazy together

Really posers :D

Hung out together for tea/ dinner and shared some good time together. It had been so long since someone make me laugh like crazy and D (the girl with lotsa attitude and humour) entertained us with her stories so much that day that she got most of us rotfl.

Then after, me and DD went to Starhill cz we wanted to have dinner at Jogoya. DD had Jogoya vip member card but he had lost his card some time ago but Jogoya still sent him promotional sms for vip members from time to time and the latest one that attracted us was that DD gets to eat for free in the month of August as it was his birthday month. So it means we only had to pay for one person and that's quite worth it. But when we got to Jogoya, the assistant manager told us that we were not able to enjoy the promo as DD had lost his card. We asked him to helped us checked for DD details in their database and if possible issued us a new card and he said DD's name was not in the database at all. He thought that we were lying to him. Wtf. Why would we want to lie in the 1st place? And how come they don't keep their customer's data properly? So irresponsible one. One had to spend so much just to get the stupid vip card and after registering urself, they don't keep ur data properly. So, if you lost ur card, you lost all your privellege already. Where got such thing one? If you want to offer people membership like that, then you should value ur members. Keep their details properly. Simply simply keep customer details and then said cannot find anymore. Then what for ppl want to pay so much and eat in your restaurant if we know your restaurant credibility and service is so down standard? Not to say food super good until worth paying RM 101 per pax for a second time visit. ( maybe i revisit Jogoya one day again even without the vip card but for now. NO WAY. Lousy attitude, lousy service) Should had just went to Tenji. Ciz Ciz ciz.

The whole day was certainly very eventful, i was happy, then i was pissed then i was happy again. Sometimes, you just cannot imagine how so many things can happen in 24 hours.

I will end my post with some random close up pics i took for the day. :)

Now can see the make up clearly? :D

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Hi Miss body beautiful, firstly i would like to say something about that hairstylist, on the whole she was just been lazy, perhaps male hairstylist is more efficient. I prefer you too have some curly color hair style,could be nicer in photoshooting.
Regarding that BAD attitude restaurant, could be you met the person who is under unstable stress that day,just ignored human of this kind, next time visit other restaurants.

Last but not least, i do have the same sentiment, that picture really show your body curve, nice body anyway. Your makeup artist done a good job,thumbs up! Your last picture, the closeup picture very beautiful. Ermm...i think you are like a swan:)

Your picture represents you, kun body beautiful, i like it. As long as not so smoking and hot., you are not shooting FHM magazine, should be alright .

You are suey mark mark =)

The flashing part was not so bright i guess because picture turn out in brownish colour.

Last picure is perfect ,can upload as primary picture in your blog..gorgeous.

Dolly : Hi, thanks for the compliment but im not like a swan la. hehe. Regarding the hairstylist, guess she wasnt feeling well, so it's ok. Ya, sure wont visit Jogoya in the near time.

anonymous 1 : Erm, thanks. :)

anonymous 2 : oh, glad u like the last pic. thanks :)

Your look suitable for some fruits's juice and chocolate advertisement, healthy smile makes everyone feels better. So modelling company,considering?

Hey,no more update on your online boutique?

anonymous 3 : wow.. hmm glad my smile can makes u feel better. :)

anonymous 4 : coming soon. continue checking out machasundae ;)

WOW, one pair of shoes costs RM400 to RM500, too expensive if is just normal skin shoes unless its a leather shoes, then worth to buy. Shoes torn off easily, i dont buy expensive shoes and it devalue fast too.