Friday, August 14, 2009

Mama Chop Papa Grill

You see. I got a problem. Yeah. A huge one. Whenever it come to case write ups, i can never get my hand to click open microsoft word. There are just so many other better and more interesting thing to do with your laptop right? Even if there's nothing else to do online and no one to chat with on msn or facebook, there's still the spongebob squarepants game or wait, i can always watch all my dramas i dl aeons ago. Basically, im just procrastinating from doing cwu. I wonder who love to do cwu. :)

Anyway, it was Dd's birthday few days ago. DD is older by another year with evidence of growing belly, greying hair and happy wrinkles. hahaha! Nah, not so bad la. How can a young man who plays futsal constantly at 23 years old look like a guy turning 40. haha.

So, on the night of his birthday, we had to rack our brains really hard again thinking where to go to have our dinner. Apparently, not much place to choose from. So, we think and we think, maybe we should just cook his fav food (mee suah) and eat at home in front of the tv and put a candle and tada, have our very own candlelight dinner. But we had class till very late that day and all we want is find a nicer place than usual so we can have a nicer meal.

In the end, we decided to go to this restaurant known as 'Mama Chop Papa Grill'. There are 2 branches in KT. One along the Marang highway near the Istana Terengganu that we always pass by and the other is near UMT. We went to the one near UMT cz the ambience there is nicer, although there are no air-cons in the restaurant, just fan and under the starry sky.

# 154 (12.8.09) - Mama Chop and Papa Grill Special combo. Deep fried boneless chicken, sausage cheese roll, bun, fries and beans serve with oriental sauce. The portion is just nice for one person and i like the way the chicken; very tender, crispy and fragrant and top with the sauce, it was very delicious actually. But the beans and carrots tasted horrible. Like they are still frozen. The sausage cheese roll was ok but i would had love it with more cheese oozing.

Grilled Cheese chicken - grilled chicken top with melted cheese and served with brown sauce, vegetables and fries. Again, i think the chicken was grilled quite well and it was juicy and nice.

Just the both of us

Overall, i like the chicken chop but i think the price was kinda pricey for the kind of environment. But, currently they are having 10% discounts for uni students (dno valid till when), so make good use of the chance. :)

# 153 (11.8.09) - Vic them bought DD his bday cake which is a Doraemon. So cute le the cake. Like for small kid birthday. :p

After all the huffing and puffing and the remaining people. :)

Happy 23rd Birthday DD. I hope you really enjoyed ur birthday and continue being ur happy, cute self! :p. * xoxoxo*

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9 fondue dips :

i miss their food. there used to be a few outlets here in KL but they all closed down. sigh..

my fav was the garlic mushroom chicken chop.

The cake is colourful and cute..hehe...happy birthday to him~

angeline : yummy rite.. hehe

wetwetwater : oh, i thot they still hv branches in kl. next time will try the garlic mushroom ;)

anonymous : thank you! the cake like for small boy. haha

hahaha do not bother is small kid cake or uncle cake, as long as someone is happy with

Which is your favourite?

a) Datuk Chop Nenek Grill

b) Grandpa Chop Grandma Grill

c) Uncle Chop Auntie Grill

d) Kor Kor Chop Mui Mui Grill

e) Ah Hean Chop Ah Moi Grill

f) Husband Chop Wife Grill

g) Dog Chop Cat Grill

h) Cat Chop Rat Grill

Muahahahah..just for laugh But... i like h)

anonymous : yaya.. haha

dolly : hahaha.. thats funny. ;)

currently at the mama chops & papa grill near UMT. the wifi here is not bad, at least I can leave my comment. =D

I hope the food is good too. Cheese Chicken chop...

yinkoon : haha.. so how did u find the food? :) hope u enjoyed ur supper ;)