Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beauty is Power

3 simple words but yet make up a phrase with such in-depth meaning.

You know one of the things we do when we are in the MRT/LRT/subway/skytrain is observing ppl around us. When i was in the MRT yesterday in Singapore, an Indian woman with a toddler in her arm caught my attention. She was sitting not too far from me and the little girl is smiling sweeter than an apple pie at me so i waved back. One glance, she looked like any other little girl of 2-3 years of age. But observing further, i noticed she appeared restless and was sweaty. Soon, her mum showed a sign of drinking to ppl around and i realized she was asking for water. The little girl needs water. Having no water with me, i looked around and saw one of the most beautiful act of kindness. Another little girl about 6 years of age took out her water bottle and walked towards the toddler and handed her the water and told her to drink it. I can see the look of gratefulness on the mother's face and the look of relieveness and happiness on the toddler's face as she gulped down the water.

It was just a simple act of kindness but it was so beautiful. Beauty is not just about being physically appealing, it's the act, attitude and character, it's what exudes from you that defines beauty. Beauty therefore, truly lies in the eyes of the beholder. We don't call someone beautiful just because she have very nice and sharp features or because she has the perfect hourglass figure.

Roald Hoffman's observation about beauty and power is a useful model: "Beauty is build out of individual pleasure around an object or idea. It may be personal, but gains in strength when it is shared with others."

To family members, you are beautiful because you are part of their daily life. To the significant other, you are beautiful because you are their 'happily ever after'. To the general public, you are beautiful when you are able to touch and inspire thousands or millions lifes.

Since the media likes to focus on pretty and beautiful things, being a beautiful person will naturally have the media focus on her. A beautiful woman can then use her beauty in a positive way to continue inspiring others, raising awareness and funds for the needy. She shares her ideas with the media and let's not forget how powerful the media is in helping her to spread her causes, thus gaining more strength and power.

But not being pretty does not mean that you are not beautiful either. As cliche as it sounds, beauty is also something that radiates from within. A woman that is able to create that aura of confidence and feel-good-feeling about herself is able to work more efficiently than those who only accentuates on their flaws. Women who dare to stand and fight for their dreams, for poverty, for the underprivileged, for a better life for others are all beautiful women as like i said, beauty radiates from within. And such women often gain respect and love from others, making them very powerful women to change and make great differences in people life.

So, remember every woman is beautiful. Accentuates your beauty as your beauty is a very powerful tool to help and change life.

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beauty is in the eyes of the beholder..
there are many meanings to the word "beauty".. it's not only for humans, it's for almost everything around us.. like you mentioned, the kindness shown was beautiful..

p/s: the canon song here is beautiful =)

Indeed. Beauty is a subjective term that can be use on a lot of beautiful things around us. Thanks. ;)

ally,i wonder do u still remember while we were in form 4 or 5, we sat together during bio lesson.
We talked abt beauty before.
i still remember clearly what u told me, u said, for you, everyone is pretty. because you say everyone is unique.
hhaha, think through so many years, ur stand still the same yar.

hehehe..u reminded me again. I think it's in form 5 if i'm not wrong. Yes, everyone is pretty, it's just that some ppl don't know how to accentuates their beauty and turn themselves ugly. lol. :)