Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Going Redang

Yay yay yay! I'm going to Redang tomorrow. muahaha. I know half the world (ok, exaggerated figure) had been to Redang before but i had stayed here in KT for one year now and this is the first time i'm going so really looking forward to it minus coming back looking like a roasted lobster.

And the best part is class is canceled for 2moro. Just the perfect timing. haha

Stuff i'm bringing.. Excitement!

Emm.. what's this? Biscuits?

Nono.. it's a single use waterproof camera from Kodak. RM 42. But only can take 27 pics. Was considering a casing for my camera but no camera shops in KT had in stock casing. All have to pre-order.

The back of the camera supposedly with the instructions on how to use the camera

But i need to study Spanish language 1st. (assuming that's Spanish cz made in Mexico and Mexican speaks

Tried following the graphics but the camera cant seem to work. Still exploring it.

Anyway i'll be back in 3 days. Having 1 lecture on Sunday and a holiday again on Monday. Wow.. feels like on holiday now. haha. Hope the weather is good for these 3 days. :D

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RM42 only? Much cheaper than I expected. Can change the film?

~ visited from IMCurtain

the lady boss gave discount ;).. but it's a one time use camera so cant change film.

hey we're going to redang tomorrow also! We're having a photoshoot. Probably you would be able to spot us alongside the beach taking photos!

Realli? cool.. c u if i do :)

saw ur FB photos b4 reading ur blog. hehe. was asking you about the camera.

so, where did u get it yea? intending to get one :)

anonymous : thanks. It was fantastic :)

Jolyn : oh bought this camera at Kyoto photo shop. U noe the photo shop opposite the bus station?