Saturday, September 19, 2009

Laundry Checklist

From now till my check in into Sunway, i don't think i'll be involved in any more activities regarding the pageant mainly because i'm back here in JB. They are going to break us up into smaller groups and each small groups will be given different publicity opportunities. Like some of the girls will be appearing on, some photoshoots and some even on NTV7 breakfast show! For now, i still don't know which group i belong to but i'm sure is excited to know. Well, we are required to stay at Sunway Resort for 5 whole days prior to the grand finale so yesterday, we had received our laundry checklist which is basically the lists of stuff we are suppose to bring during our one week stay.

Other than all the personal care item and some essential clothes like t-shirts, shorts and cocktail dresses (luckily i was smart enough to bring a few down from KT! haha), this is part of the lists of stuff we have to bring. :)

The footwear list! I thought i could bring less stuff to KL from JB but it seems like it's only going to get more. The items highlighted are the items i already had and those not highlighted means more SHOPPING!! Usually, i'll be hyper excited whenever shopping is needed, but not particularly right now when i had already spent a lot on shopping last month. Sob~

Anyway, met up with some of my darlings from Convent for lunch and SY and Nor accompanied me shopping after that, mainly looking for those killer heels cz i don't have any 4 inches heels at all. And i saw this pair of gold heels that is very pretty cz of all the bling factors on it that cost RM 170!!! Actually, with all the blings on it, it is supposed to be reasonable but come to think of it, how many times will i wear that heel after this pageant. Dilemma. Anybody else know anywhere can get pretty gold and black strappy 4 inches heels??

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hahahaha..simple make up also pretty what.. no nd so exaggerated make up one lah..

hahaha : thanks

nor : hmm i dno where ur comment went, but thanks for letting me noe :)

i have the same shoe list that u have. and trust me, its not easy to get good ones (and reasonable price too!) in KL. *wink*