Friday, September 25, 2009

Live Forum With 4 Former Beauty Queens

Last Thurs, we had a very insightful one hour live forum at Studio V in One U with 4 former Miss Malaysia; 2 from Miss World and 2 from Miss Universe, namely Deborah Henry and Lina Teoh for the former and Yasmin Yusoff and Elaine Daly for the latter.

They shared with us many tips from their experience and it really helps especially for first-timer like myself to further prepare for what to expect and boosting my confidence in this competition. I really enjoyed the whole session, as they reminisce their time before and after crowning and shed some heart-warming moments with us. They are all soooo pretty and witty.

It was my first time at a live recording studio and it's actually pretty fun to see how they set up the studio, the signal they give when time overrun, the cuts, what they were actually doing during commercial breaks and all the behind-the-scenes actions. At the end, we were given opportunities to asked questions but only few of us managed to put forward their questions as time was running out. I wanted to asked them a question too, but they cued for a break and when they are back from the break, it's wrap up time.

The theme was smart casual and as i took lrt to Kelana Jaya with all my make-up and hair do, it's not surprising that almost everyone in the lrt gave me stares. haha. Really, it just takes some getting use to.

Prior to that, we had a media briefing about blogging with Kuan Yew and he gave tips about blogging to all the finalists that had no clue at all about blogging.

Ready to go.

While waiting for the rest of the girls to arrived

Steph, Jesintha, me, Laura and Charlene

With the former beauty queens

Photos below are courtesy of Studio V.

Beauty queens and the host

Deborah Priya Henry, MWM 2007 (Sarah, this is especially for you!! ;) )

At least this pic did not turn out orangy under the yellow lights

With the other girls

Enjoy the videos! (altogether 1 hour tho ;) )

Best Blogger Tips

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u finally get to do soemthing different to ur hair!! haha...u looked great! =D

hey u look awesome in the, i dunno number what picture la, but AWESHOME!

lou and siew : THANKS thanks. haha. ;)

Thank you dear!! Hope you're having loads of fun :D

thank you dear!! hope you're having the time your life & enjoying yourself :D

Just wanted to say hello all. This is my first post.

I expect to learn a lot here.

helo welcome here. hope u will find my blog beneficial :)

Just wanted to say hi to everybody here. This is my initial posting here.

It definitely seems the moderators of this forum sure are doing a wonderful job.

I hope to learn a lot of stuff here and assist other people as much as I can.

I totally support that! Continue that way!