Monday, September 07, 2009

Man and Woman Island

See if you can tell which is Man Island and which is Woman Island.

On the way to the Marine Park in Redang, we can see both of these islands. You might need to use a wee bit of your imagination tho. :p. The rocks natural formation gave rise to their names.

Should be easy to tell right?

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5 fondue dips :

which is male? which is female?

easy, 1st one is man, 2nd is woman :)

redang seems very nice! :)

oh...then i must be stupid...i can't tell haha^^
Clicked ur nuffang^^

baby : You humble servant gave the answer. Can see the nipple on the woman? hahaha

You Humble Servant : That's right! Yes, Redang is very nice. More nice pics coming up :)

Kelvin : Just hv to use a bit of imagination also. hehe.. thanks. clicked on urs too :)

are you sure it's a nipple? if so, then i'll have to agree with Your Humble Servant. Haha..