Sunday, September 13, 2009

MWM '09 Video

Someone sent me this link to this video on The Star Online. It's one of the many videos took that day at the press conference.

Got a lot a lot to blog about. Like the charity launch this evening, the kids are so cute. Redang trip. White water rafting. Bangkok. Places to eat in KL. But, i have to go back to KT already and with so lil time left b4 the Raya holis and i got delayed case write ups to do and classes to catch up, perhaps all my posts will have to wait a while. But don't worry, i will still try to update my blog as often!

But right now, i got to sleep 1st. Throat acting funny already. Toodles :)

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Thanks for sharing with us the journey of Miss World Malaysia 2009. Maybe next year i will try to participate..haha.

Wish you can be the successful one with beauty and intelligence..keep rocking miss.