Friday, September 18, 2009

New Background And Header

Yippee yeap.

I had wanted to changed the header and background for some time but finally had time to do it today. :) Nice?

Today is the 1st day of our one week Raya break. I'm going back to my beloved home in a few hours time. That's double yippee yeap!!

I realized I just can't resist good food. Especially when they are place right in front of me. The temptation is just way too strong. Had dinner at O'Briens in 1U yesterday evening. It was so empty the O' Briens there compared to KLCC one. We were practically the only table there. So, all the restaurants staff paid full attention to us and served to our every needs. (nah, kidding,as you all know O'Briens is self service, so they don't really need to serve us)

This is from their low calories menu. Chicken salad wrappo. I did not really like this because of too much raisins and capsicums in them that makes it a little too sour.

Chicken and turkey bacon triple decke

Sundry tomato with mozarella cheese. Stole a bit but i really like this. Cz you all know why. The cheese!! Bad bad.. but a small bite won't hurt rite? hehe

That's all for tonite. Will keep you all updated on the pageant happenings soon. We had sort-of-a-Q and A session with some previous Miss Malaysia yesterday. It was good. Really good advices. So, stay tuned and keep voting ok? (the links are already in the upper right corner of my blog) *heartfelt gratitude* Arigato, Thank You, Terima Kasih, Xie Xie, Kam Siah, Tou Cheh, Merci, Kamsahamida :)

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NICE NICE Pic there. If you are taking at 45 degree angle to look at front it will be clearer :)Anyway its still nice ,cheers:)

come back come back...yay!!!!cant wait to meet u!!

nice header picture and ur background! teach me how to do it!

anonymous : Thanks for the tips. :)

hweeliz : babe, im back!! lets meet up! yay.. sure sure can ;)

Dropping by. Nice header and cool blog. All d best in pursuing ur dream.

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Nice background and header! anyway congrats and good luck. Will support you yea babe :)