Thursday, September 10, 2009

Press Conference

090909. Today is indeed a special day.

We had our press conference for MWM 2009 at Sunway Resort and Hotel. Our faces are on the website already and i just knew about Sat charity launch. Online voting is starting real soon.

Woke up really early and i realized i was the first to reached at 7.30 am! The time we were supposed to meet. So typical of Malaysians. haha.

Was pretty nervous while i sat through make up and hair do but was most nervous when the press people finally arrived! Again, the hair do people just decided to make my hair more straight. So, after ironing my hair straight, H was like 'You did your hair already? No difference?'. All the hairstylist 'kononnnya' hv the same thoughts that my hair is so beautifully straight that i shd just kp them straight which is becoming kinda boring to me.

Look out for the Star papers and Mix fm website and also Faces October issue!!

It was kind of an amazing day, meeting new people, being interviewed and a whole lot of other stuffs happen. I really like to elaborate more but i'm like super dead sleepy now and need my sleep so i'll just kp my post short and sweet and elaborate in future posts. :)

Snap, snap, snap, snapping away. The pic is took by Ian and it's kinda blur i know.

Relieved finally when the whole thing is over. My make up. Gosh, im really tan already! The whitening lotion not working!!

Hope all of you enjoyed this special day. Nites :D

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