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The Reason for Me in Miss World Malaysia '09

Just a random pic so that the post won't be all words and too bored! :p

This is another long post of mine but definitely worth reading I will say because I will be telling you guys a secret and you’ll definitely know me better. :)
The other day at the media briefing, each girl was told to set up a blog (soon you guys will be able to see all our blog links in the MWM website in our profile page) if they don’t already have one. That’s cz through our blog, the public will be able to get to know us better. To really know who we are. And that can help you all to decide better who you want to vote for. So that you will know the person you vote for is not only a pretty face but without substance. While there are friends, family and people who gives encouragement and support, there are always people who tend to give negative comments, there are people who tend to want to bring you down, and there are people who are always dissatisfied with the contestants (and then the winner) year after year. People tend to judge base solely on pictures, on what they see superficially when they don’t even know who these girls are so that’s where blogs really helps. All of the girls are very pretty girls, intelligent and talented but if based solely on picture alone, how is anyone going to know? Just because a girl’s picture looks nice doesn’t make her necessarily the prettiest in real. Remember, some girls are just more photogenic than the others. Why do you think there’s such thing as Miss Photogenic? So, instead of starting a whole new blog about myself, I had decided to retain my old blog so that all of you will be able to get to know me better. 

Throughout the years, I had certainly changed and from reading through my posts, im quite sure all you can see the changes in me. As vain as I’m, there will still be pictures of me without make up, there are going to be pictures of me from a bad angle, looking ugly and there are sad and happy times, but face it. We are all nothing but just human. And aint all humans subjected to various emotions and bad hair day and the like. This is me in my most original self. (and you always have a choice to not read my blog if you don’t like what I write, fair right?) I’m not going to go on creating another image of me that I want to portray to others just because I want to win voters or supporters in this competition. In any field, in anything you do, there are always people that will talk about you. When there are people who say nice things about you, there will also be a person who speaks bad things about you. There are bound to be people who are going to judge you all the time. Thus, throughout this pageant so far, one of the things that I had learnt is about perseverance, tolerance, grace and confidence. I’m in this pageant because I want to be here, I had my goals, my dreams and my aims and I am working towards achieving them. At least, I had started working towards them. And the road to success is never an easy one. From the moment I signed up, I knew this journey is not going to be just a breeze, but one that will give me challenges but yet totally worthwhile and good.
To many, what is really a beauty pageant? What is this Miss World all about? Why is it different from all the other beauty pageants? Is it just about choosing the most beautiful woman in the world or in the country? After all it’s a beauty contest right? I mean if a fitness contest is to look for the most fit candidate, so isn’t a beauty contest looking for the most beautiful girl? Well more than that definitely. Aside from the skin depth beauty, I think what Miss World is looking for is a holistic beauty. In other words, it means looking for a pretty girl with substance. It’s about having the ability to make big differences in other’s life. Every girl in this pageant had a dream, had a huge purpose. Winning this pageant will give that girl the opportunity to carry on with her dream and contribute to the society in the way she wants to, be it working with a charity body, foundation or even starting her own charity organization. Winning this pageant will enable the winner to be able to influenced people on a bigger scale for a well-served purpose. It also means making one little girl dream come true and enable her to have a lifetime experience that will change her life forever as she changes others life.
Like I said earlier, I’m going to tell all of you something I never told anyone. I’m letting you guys in on a secret. *wink*
I never gave stigmatized illness much thought until I attended the EAMSC in Jan this year. After all the discussions regarding HIV issues with people from different backgrounds and race from the East Asia region, we all came down to one conclusion. HIV patients all around the world are facing unfair discrimination and stereotypes from the society. Why? Very simple. It’s because HIV is classified as one of the stigmatized illness and due to the fear and lack of understanding towards the stigmatized illness on top of exaggerated fatalistic aspects by the media, people had a lot of misconception about stigmatized illness. HIV is just one of them. Leprosy, mental illness, depression and suicide are among the others. So, I wonder how I can help in decreasing this extra pain the society is putting on on the already suffering patients. I wanted to help them. I hope to be able to set up a centre of some sort, so that people can come together and understand these people, their illness and offer hope and compassion to them instead of blame and shame.
I started watching Miss World pageants ever since I knew how to watch a tv. Year after year, without fail, my family and I will highly anticipate this global event and watch with excitement and glee as we witnessed the world crowning the world most beautiful woman. And like every little girl, I fantasize about being on that stage one day, surrounded by so many other beautiful women and walked elegantly in that beautiful evening gown. But, soon growing up, I was never really the tallest girl and I never thought I was the prettiest girl too. So, my life went on as it is and I never really give pageants much thought.
Well, over the past few years, I had had a few opportunities to participate in a few beauty pageants; just that they are on a smaller scale compared to Miss World Malaysia but in the end I never went for the interview after being called up because back then, I was always giving excuses to myself like I had to miss class and I don’t want to, like exam was coming, like medical students should not be participating in pageants and even cz i’m not all that tall and slim. But deep down, truth is at that time, I had heard so much nasty stories about beauty pageants and the modeling world that it scared me so much to even think of getting involved. I don’t like catfights and dramas. I had a misperception that girls in this field will be all pretentious. I was just not prepared to face this cold, harsh beauty pageants and modeling world. I was just comfortable living my life as it is and being in Miss World Malaysia is just like a far- fetched dream. But so many things had happened throughout these few years that make me tougher, stronger and more mature and I realized there is actually never such a thing as a perfect timing. And the only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you. (Tom Bradley). Life is too short to consider too much, so much so that we will live our life to regret it sometime later. I had given up so many opportunities and I’m not going to give up another one anymore. Maybe it was just my misperception all along. And maybe those nasty stories are just, well stories and I will never found out unless I am in one myself.
So, along with my hope to do something really meaningful and beneficial to people with stigmatized illness, that unforgotten fantasy and to enjoy an experience unimaginable by most, I decided to take the 1st step by signing up for this pageant. And yes, despite all the money, time and energy spent so far, I’m enjoying every single bit of this refreshing and brand new experience.
I will continue next time on like the challenges I face or even how I manage my time in between my studies but that’s all for the other posts. This posts is already too long! Hehe. Before I go off, just wna wish all Muslim readers, Selamat Hari Raya. :)

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vy good post.
i enjoy reading it.
ya, life is too short to consider too much, so just go for it!
all d best,ger!

thanks ger. All the best to you too ;)

Hi Allison,

I bumped into your blog via Nuffnang's RSS. The Ms.World Msia topic intriqued me because I am involved in it somewhat this year. V r the main sponsors of the event(Sunway). I was the bloke who delivered the main sponsor's speech during the press conference a few weeks back at Sunway Resort. Anyway, I blogged on a Ms.World comparison between Msia and Spore. Drop by my blog at and be amused :)...All the best in the coming pageant.

Hi Wilfred,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes, i think i have ur pic with me during the press conference. :) Thanks. I will be constantly updating on the pageant, so do drop by often. :)

good. All the best. U'r my fav! ;)

hahhaa...tat was such a longgggggg post....u noe me la...don like to read... but i get wad u are trying to say!! keep working towards ur goal! u can do it gal! XD