Sunday, September 13, 2009

stART Foundation Official Launch with Soo Wincci

Although this is one big vain pic of myself, but this post is not about me being vain. It's just that it's my 1st attempt at a side braid so i had to take a pic of myself.

I know, i said i won't have time to blog but here i am updating 2 posts in one night. That's cz i wanted to really start my cwu but uhm, my notebook which had all the info i need is not with me right now, so uhm, i cant do my cwu, so better update my blog right? *wink*

I think by now, anyone who is reading my blog will know (or those who had been wondering if it's really me you saw in the papers/Youtube) that i'm in the Miss World Malaysia 2009 (or as fondly acronym by yours truly to be MWM in the past few posts). I really did wanted to keep it very low profile initially but at the same time i'm sure many of you are very curious and interested about the journey of the contestants in one of the most prestigious beauty pageant in Malaysia. I'm honoured really to be able to made it into the top 20 finalist already. And also for my personal reason, so that someday when i look back at what i wrote, i can still savour these feelings. (in case i got amnesia, dementia, memory loss lol)

So, now (if you keep reading my blog) you will have an opportunity to know the activities we had to get ourselves involved in, our doings etc etc while able to feast your eyes on so many beautiful women. Exciting isn't that? :p

Yesterday was the stART foundation official launch. The charity organization that Miss World Malaysia is working with and also the one Soo Wincci, Miss World Malaysia 2008 is affiliated to. stART was started only in April last year, so it's a very new foundation and that explains why it is very hard to search of it online. It is a foundation for underprivileged children and refugees age between 7 and 17 to express and discover themselves through art, be it music, dance, paintings or singing. stART is one of the only one in this world that offers this kind of opportunities to the underprivileged and i hope the children will be able to express their emotions and creativity here and carve up a bright future for themselves.

I was the first to reach because i was afraid of jam along Federal highway although it was a Saturday but it is KL and you can never be surprise at the amount of cars that is on the road. So, i went in and watched their rehersals.

The Myammar + local children choir group

The childrens performing percussions with water bottles

Soo Wincci, Miss World Malaysia 2008 performing her debuts

Dancing away at the end

Sometimes it's just totally unexpected of how 2 person can meet again. I first knew Wincci about 2 years ago and after her winning the title, we never met up cz she was just soooo busy. But here we met again, at a beauty pageant.

With some of the kids and contestants

This little girl is also very cute, she is like so shy when she came up to me, smiling shyly, looking at the floor, then peep a little, look down again. So shy.

Meet Teeba, the 16 year old aspiring Bollywood director. This girl is amazing i tell you. She can paint creatively and at 16, she already got 4 movie plots she wanted to direct in future.While many people are still undecisive about what they want to do at 16, she is already determine to be a Bollywood movie director.

I felt so lucky and humbled to be with these kids. They are all very very amazing talents. If you know of children who are talented but lack the opportunity to expand their talent, you can always contact stART.

Before i end my post for tonite, I just like to share with everyone the MWM 2009 selection process videos. (act can watch them all on Youtube). See if you can spot me. haha.

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