Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Zorbing (Orbing) at Titiwangsa Lake

This is DD's aviator i got him for his bday! hehe. Played around with it while waiting for him to feed his Rambo. But i think this size is too big for my face.

Over the long weekend last week, we went down to KL again. (cz got things to do). And since we were already there, we did the usual stuff we do in KL mainly movies, shopping (yeah, lots of it, more like lots of $$$ spent!!) and FOOD! From dim sum to Ampang yong tau foo to Connaught pan mee to japanese buffet.

I love doing crazy and adrenaline-rushing things at times. New and adventurous stuff never fails to spark interest in me. So, we head down to Titiwangsa Lake on Sunday afternoon ready for zorbing (orbing)! (rolling downhill in an orb or sphere).

This whole zorbing stuff is first time introduced here in M'sia and i heard it is only gna be here til end of the yr but who knows rite? Maybe they will end up like the Eye of M'sia and being permanently shifted to some other place in M'sia.

The whole zorbing journey is 70m and it is RM 15 per dry zorb. Cz got wet zorb also. Means they will put water into the orb. But that's RM 5 more expensive. As it was inconvenient for us to do the wet one, we only did the dry one alhough we would love to try the wet one too. And got 'hamster' rolling also. You go into the orb without being strap and you can try to walk, run, crawl, whatever in the orb and roll around like hamsters. But that one must alot alot of ppl play then only fun i think.

To find the place, you just drive around the lake until you see two big, round transparent balls (orbs). There was no one there went we arrived so no nd to wait. hehe

The two orbs you can see from a distance

Person-in-charge strapping on the harness for me. Cz me and DD will be in one orb and if we are not strapped, we will be rolling over each other and might end up with bruises.

Seriously, the 70m was soo short like 20 seconds? Although it felt longer when we were rolling down. I expected us to be really rolling downhill like downhill but it was just a slope and it was actually rolling pretty slowly so it was not scary at all. In fact, it was quite funny and quite bumpy. Now i know how those clothes felt when they were spinning in the washing machine. Or why hamsters love their hamster balls and wheels so much.

Oh yea, i love it and can't wait to actually try the original one in Kiwiland someday.

Here's a video of us zorbing. Ok, i screamed (not really cz it's scary, just for the fun of it) and i laughed at the same time and it was a little dizzy at the end of it but it is fun. :D

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that looks like fun but 20s a bit short. eh.. next time when u go kl let's meet up laa.. our meeting tak jadi jadi pun.. LOL.

why do you let the person touch your...nvm >.<

bingwui : 20s is a bit too short.. u working in kl now?

Jenkin: ciz ciz he's not touching what u r imagining!

anonymous : hmm it's only 20 s, so not really giddy ;)