Thursday, October 29, 2009

Banner Concert Audition

The weekend is near again. Well, for me, it has started. Yay Yay. It's been one very hectic week. With all the missed class being replaced this week, case write ups and the test, im jz relieved the weekend is here. :)

This weekend is going to be an exciting and happening one cz other than Halloween of course, the Banner Concert audition to sing your very own version of Through My Window (mystery song Detective Mua solved recently) will be held this Saturday and Sunday at Sunway Pyramid. :)

Now, why should you be there at the audition this weekend?

Well because......
Bunkface themselves of course!


Shila, first runner-up of One In a Million Season 2

Tomok, first male to win One In a Million

Akim, 2nd runner up of Akademi Fantasia 7

Mila the winner of Akademi Fantasia 5

and last but not least,

Dafi from Akademi Fantasia 5

Our local celebrities will be there at the audition to bring you lots of fun and also to sing their very own version of 'Through My Window'. Also there will be the Hot, Hitz and Xfm cruisers there to heat up the atmosphere.

I know theres a lot of talented and potential you out there who can sing and if you really like to perform at your very OWN banner concert and also on the event day of EveryoneConnects which is coming up next month, don't don't don't miss out this chance to go for the audition.

Ok, i will repeat again the details of the audition :)

Location: The Orange Entrance Area - Sunway Pyramid
Dates: 31st October and 1st November (Saturday and Sunday)
Time: 12 - 6 PM

Fast fasts, type it in ur fon or jot it down. Bring your family, your friends, your supporters or even go yourself and enjoy urself.

But if you can't make it to the audition like me, you can still upload your very own video online at . Just look for 'banner concert', click it and upload you video. That simple. The best video will be chosen to run on various online portals at high impression. Cool huh?

I also tried to do my own rendition of Through My Window. Despite my very busy schedule, i still squeezed in time to do the video. (sincerity gao-gao :p) It's actually a lotttttttt of work and effort putting together the whole video. I never tried doing smt like this b4 so i become more appreciative of the ppl working behind pulling off really cool music videos. It must be even harder.

What do you guys think of my video? Creative not? The voice nice not? Can win best video not? hahaha

Actually, this video partially bluff one. Cz i obviously wasn't the one singing. *ahem*. But my idea is so creative rite.. hahaha. Of course, i wasn't the one editing the video. I'm not good in stuff like that. DD is the man behind producing this entire video. The shooting, editing, photoshopping and 'tuff. And giving me my voice. :p

Since i don't qualify for the Banner Concert so i cant win best video dy. Now you have ur chance. lol. :p

To give all of you a little more inspiration, here's 2 more rendition done by Shila, Dafi/Mila/Akim and Tomok.

Good luck in the audition. :D

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wohooooooo !!
haloween :p
cant hardly wait

ok-lah. cute video. haha. i will go take a look lah this Sat. will you be there?

syed : haha.. yea.. guess u'll be dressed up!

twt : thanks. u shd try the audition! haha. unfortunately nope i wont b there ;)

Like the way you act in the video =)