Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Darth Vader Speaks Hokkien

When i was at Petaling Street the other day, I bumped into Darth Vader.

Yes, you read me right. Darth Vader from the Star Wars trilogy.

No, it's not anyone cos-playing.

He even spoke in Hokkien to me!

I was shocked and impressed cz i never thought anyone from Hollywood can speak dialect.

But, i was very shocked cz he said the following 5 words to me :

He said that he's my dad! Don't want don't want. lol.

Actually saw this shirt at the art exhibition that was going on in one of the complex near Petaling Street. Forgot the name of the place. Gotta ask Mich for the exact name.

But i thought this shirt is very funny and cool at the same time. *grin*

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