Thursday, October 22, 2009

Faces October Issue

As the title goes, this month, aside from a lot of rumours, Faces magazine also have all of the Miss World Malaysia finalists in it along with a short introduction of everyone.

And yes, there's also rumours from some of the finalists together with other local and international celebrities.

One juicy rumour (according to Faces) im sure many will be interested to hear is that " LADY GAGA IS ACTUALLY A MAN ". Aside from her already masculine features, she was shot at one of her concerts with a pic of her with a bulge at you-know-where! And when asked to comment on this, Lady Gaga just kept quiet. So, Lady Gaga actually not a lady? I don't know. A rumour can always just be nothing but an innocent one or one that can turn so ugly. Personally, i dislike rumours, more so the ppl who create and spread them. :)

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Lady gagai is a maN?nAng ur entry n click ur nuff add (Digi Music)

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I dun think Gaga is a guy la... XD

yup that kind of mistakes are unacceptable..