Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fat, Cheap and Yummy Wo Tieh aka Pot Stickers

Woke up this morning with full intention of attending lecture but 5 minutes b4 i stepped out of the hse, i was told class was canceled. Apparently there's some miscommunication. But, i was so 'semangat' and determined not to go back to my bed who is tempting me very strongly and so i suggested going out for breakfast with the others who were also miscommunicated.

First we went to Hot Hot which is near the airport and it was closed! Then we went to the Malay stall beside Shell station and it was closed too. Not believing our luck, we checked out Saddam Hussein and the only thing they are selling does not look appetizing so we went to KTT. And it was closed too! We went to four places looking for roti canai but none of them were opened! Can't believe i'm so not meant for breakfast.

Anyway, i been thinking about this for a long time. So far, i had yet to see any wo tieh here in KT. Wo Tieh aka Pot Stickers aka Shallow Fried Dumpling which is a very delicious Chinese delicacy that we often eat as finger food or appetizer.

The best wo tieh i had eaten by far is the one i had in KK. Actually i never thought KK will be famous for wo tieh but after Lou said how fat and cheap and delicious it is, i asked E about it and he being the kind host brought me to a coffee shop in KK that sells the best wo tieh around.

The coffee shop is call Kedai Kopi Chuan Hin near the Luyang traffic light. It is a very typical chinese coffee shop but hidden at the side is this marvelous aunty which made marvelous dumplings.

All these for only RM 6. Like 10 fat, marvelous, yummy dumplings for only RM 6. The skin is crispy to perfection, the pork is so good and every mouthful makes you wanting for more. The skin is neither too thick or too hard, the pork does not have a strong smell and it is not drown in oil that makes u sick or 'jelak'. Eat it as it is or dip it in the vinegar with ginger and they taste equally heavenly.

Ahhh.. I gotta stop cz im drooling already! So the next time anyone goes KK, this is a must try, unless you don't take pork. You won't regret it i assured you. But if you regret and have leftovers, mail them to me! Jz kidding. Just rmb to try! :)

Kedai Kopi New Mui Vui 永建成茶餐室 (Previously at Kedai Kopi Chuan Hin)
Lots 2, Ground Floor,
Hilltop Kolam Plaza,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
(Behind Prudential Insurance Building)

Contact: 013-8705781

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OMG drools...

shucks why do live in KL lol

me drools too! haha.. try it next time if u go KK

hello ^^ I reply ur comment here: haha...i guess tat surprise you too...many of my friend tot tat was envelope until i show them the wallet, they just realize not...xD