Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jatujak/ Chatuchak Weekend Market

I believe Jatujak/ Chatuchak weekend market is no stranger to all those who went Bangkok before. In fact, it is such a must-visit for shopaholics looking out for cheap bargains that i'm sure many of us will deliberately book a flight to Bangkok which includes the weekend. I was there the first time round and i definitely can't miss it this time round too.

All ready for shopping. Hip hip hurray :D

Believe it anot, from our hotel which is in Pratunam to Jatujak, we only paid RM 2 for our cab! Which is really cheap. Usual cabby price shd be RM 15-20. It is even cheaper than taking the skytrains. But, see there's always a BUT for things that are too good to be true. We had to established a symbiotic relationship with the 'cabby driver' cz in order for him to charged us that low price, he needs our favour to help him get free gas. He brought us to 2 tourist centre on our way to Chatuchak, one was a jewellery making factory that also sells gem stones and the other some souvenir building in which we spent a minimum of 20 minutes in each place. Actually, he kinda bluffed us cz at first he said he only needed us to spared 20 minutes cz he was only bringing us to one spot (and my mum thought the gems might be cheap cz she was kinda interested in gems too) but after the first spot he 'asked' us to helped him again so that he can bring us to the 2nd spot. We couldn't had said no cz we were already in his cab. So, we did only paid RM 2 but had to spared an extra 40 minutes of our time.

Reached Jatujak at about 10 am. The day is still long cz we had an entire day. hahaha. And this time, im smart dy. Asked for a map first from the information counter so that we don't have to walked around blindly like the 1st time not knowing which section is where. The market is super duper huge as you all already know it, so after walking for hours and pening pening from all the browsing and bargaining and dehydration, a map is better than none at hand. Also water is ur best fren here and if you have hypotension, i don't think you shd stay long in this place. Wear light clothes to prevent fainting. :)

Started with the lady clothes section of course, skipped most of the other sections like pets cz we had no intention of buying a pet and we don't have enough time for that and we finished up at the clothes section again!

My mum said she got so pening looking at so many clothes that she loves the plant section the most. She felt refreshed after looking at the greens which took her headache away.

Crafts section near the plants

H1N1 alert! Wear a mask to keep yourself safe and others safe. :)

This dude found this long pipe from dno where and he just started blowing at it creating some sort of melody. In short, putting on a performance in exchange for money. I had heard of ppl doing this while on budget traveling. You know, show off your talent and put on some performance, get some money then travel again. It's quite a cool way to earn money also rite for budget travelers.

The cool, bold and fun statement tees

Dedicated to all who are vertically challenge :)

A replica

Jatujak square

We promised dad we would take precaution against H1N1. We kept our promise!

Bags in shoes and goggles shape. I saw it somewhere in Msia too after i came back. Times Square maybe. But of course, more expensive here in M'sia.

Masks and stuff for army men i suppose

Yoohoo.. food food food. Fried bird eggs,squids, fries, nuggets and i dont know whats the black one. The seller dont noe what im talking about and i dont know what he is talking about so nvm.

Fishballs, beefballs, pork balls, sotong balls, chicken balls and the list goes on. RM 0.50 per stick.

Raw vegetables - bean sprouts, cucumbers, mint and even bitter gourds.

Really it's uncooked bitter gourds. I dno how anyone can eat raw bitter gourds. Well, i suppose can since i drank bitter gourd juice b4 but it's horrible. There's also preserved vegetables and cabbages and the very famous Thai fish sauce which is actually ban in Malaysia.

This is called noodles with fish curry sauce forest. RM 3. The curry is moderate, the noodles are not properly heated, the fish balls don't taste like fish balls and the most awful thing ever is the egg-look-alike. Don't get bluff by that egg-look-alike thinking it is preserved egg. It is not at all. Don't know what is it made of or maybe they over preserved it but i happily took a bite and nearly gag and vomit everything else out. The egg-look-alike had jelly texture yet not fully jelly and it is tasteless. It had such a bland taste that it is awful.

But i'm happy with all my purchases. Mum said i must be mad to shop so much. But in my defense, it is considered very little already cz after i came back, i heard other frenz who just went who bought like 10000 times more than me. :p

My spends. From dresses to tees to bikinis to shorts and belts.

Ah, im a happy happy girl. :)

More spends from the Pratunam night market and Central World.

Shoes are not spared too.

In all honesty, i really did not buy a lot, did i? Bangkok is a real shopping heaven. Another reason other than the beef noodle why i wouldn't mind flying there again. :)

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Ultimate bliss man! Except for the egg of course. Haha

Ultimate bliss man! Except for the eggs of course. Haha

girlsss!! and shopping..haha

Magg : Yes, shopping bliss! Dont ever try the egg!!

Hahaha : yup.. hahaha