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Miss World Malaysia 2009 : The Gala Night

It's over. Miss World Malaysia 2009 is finally over since the selection process started about one month ago. One of us was crowned MWM 2009 but unfortunately, that lucky girl is not me. :( None the less, i won Miss Most Flirtatious Award, thanks to all of you who had been religiously voting for me (I don't know why I win that but it's all thanks to the support you guys had been showing). :) This prestigious event was held for the first time in a shopping mall, allowing public to watch for free but it was nothing short of glamorous and grandeur.

Well, it still takes some getting used to getting back to "normal" life; going to hosp make-upless, repeating the daily routine after living practically one week seeing very little of the sun and rain, being followed by cameramen and videographer and having to rushed here and there, doing make up and hair do and photoshoots. Even on the 2nd day of training week itself, i can already feel the exhaustion and fatigue. Throughout the whole week, i woke up at almost 7 am every day and only slept after 2am.

The gala night was the night we anticipated the most. After all, it is the night that we were the lead characters and the night that one of us will be claiming home that tiara that will change her life forever. I was nervous but at the same time excited that night. When i got to the changing room, i realized my sash was missing and for a moment there, i really stoned and felt so utterly panic that i thought i can cry. I was like thinking 'Why does this has to happen to me now? Everyone else got their nice, new sash and i don't want to go on stage in my old one'. But later on, i found out that Thanuja's and KM sash was also missing and luckily they found our sashes in time b4 we go on stage. Preparations for the night wasn't easy, with us practicing and rehersing late into the night almost every day for the past whole week. Amin was our choreographer and the songs he chosen was all from Hannah Montana! But the songs are catchy and it kinda hooked on in my head even up till now.

Dd was my photographer and i really want to thank him for taking all these amazing photos of myself. All photos are credited to him unless mentioned otherwise. :) He bought a VIP ticket that cost RM 500 but he did not get to eat anything on the menu that night cz someone else sat at his place and ate his food. And being the usual him, he just said nvm. But i feel that since everyone who was in the VIP area obviously had bought the VIP tickets and im sure there will be a place for you to be seated nicely, why can't they just stick to their seat instead of taking others seat? Poor Dd had to go hungry all night.

This was how our stage looked like at Sunway Pyramid concourse.

Everyone seated waiting for the event to kick start

Wincci performing 'Beauty with a Purpose' in 3 languages b4 we officially go on stage

Our first attire is sportswear. Our sportswear and swimwear that night were sponsored by Schwarzenbach.

I love this jacket! Too bad, we can't keep them.

Shaking to Miley's Supergirl

Super, super, supergirl

Between the sportswear and swimwear, i only had like less than 2 minutes to changed and the minute i got off the stage from my sportswear, i rushed backstage taking off my jacket and sweat pant to put on the bikini bottom but my pant got stuck in my heel and i had to pulled and tucked and when i finally changed, my sash was turned upside down and i already saw Marie coming down from stage and i had to rushed up. I could barely breath at that moment and the sash kept falling off my shoulder (which i found out later everyone else one fell too) cz it's kinda too big. Only when i got off at the other end of the stage i can breath again.

Coming up in my bikini. I kinda like this set and we can keep it! Yay :)

Photo credit of Lim Key Lin

Striking a pose

Our introduction video

Next up is all the finalists in kebaya by Nazleen Noor. OMG, the kebayas are so beautiful and elegant i love them so much too. Half of us were holding umbrellas and the other half of us was spreading our love aka rose petals to the audience.

Photo credit of Lim Key Lin

One surprise guest also entertained audience with her singing. It's Crystal! If you guys had been watching all the videos and the selection process videos, you'll know who she is. And of course, she sang "My heart will go on".

MWM 2008. She looks so strikingly gorgeous.

Performance by stART kids

More performances b4 our evening wear.

All finalists looking elegant and poised in our evening wear by Nazleen Noor. The dress is also absolutely gorgeous and the colours so pretty.

Mine was a shade of orangy-yellow.

Gracefully walking down the stage

Photo credit of Mr. Wilfred Yeo

After we completed our evening wear walk, they announced the winners of the subsidiary titles, the top 10 and followed by the Q and A session.

I was very surprised to win the Most Flirtatious Award. I don't think my pic looked flirtatious in any way. haha. But yeah, when you least expect smt, then you'll get it.

Photo credit of Lim Key Lin

The judges for the night.

This was the moment everyone was anxious and excited about. The crowning of the next MWM.

Looked at Thanuja's shocked face when she knew she won. Priceless moments

Us with the 2nd (Christy) and 1st (Stephanie) runner up and Thanuja of course.

Taking her victory walk

And then cameras started clicking continuously at everyone but mainly on the top 3. I felt so happy and proud for Christy, my roommate and Thanuja for winning. Not forgetting, congratulations to Stephanie also.

After that, it was more to meeting up with our friends and love ones b4 we go back to the hotel for 'post-party'. DD gave me a bunch of beautiful flowers which i love so much. I had always wonder what it feels like to be on stage and someone come give flowers to you, so although he did not gave me the flowers on stage, i still felt very happy. Thanks dd. :)

One of the judges, Mr. Rubin Khoo, editor of August Man magazine.

My most faithful supporter. :)

With some of the girls

Marie who also won Miss Sunway Congeniality

With Nisha, our mama during our one week stay in Sunway

Our other mama, Hazel. The both of them really took great care of us

Pei Yee, who is in charge of our wardrobe and making sure we have all the beautiful clothes.

So, although i did not win MWM, this had certainly been a valuable experience. For a first-timer in a beauty pageant with literally no experience in modelling, I learned and gained so much more than i thought i would. The friends i had made, the people i came across with and the things i can learn from them. It is very true that some of the stories about pageants exist but not all are nasty ones. Like in every field, they are always the black sheep. But i really treasured the moments i had at the pageant. Wish i had said yes to pageants earlier. haha! Jz kidding.

Really like to thank all my friends and family who had been very supportive of me and voting for me. Because of you guys, i won the subsidiary title. It meant so much to felt so love by you guys. Also wna thank Christy, my roomie for the week. She corrected my catwalk and taught me how to walk better. And Hazel and Nisha and Raymund and Amin and all the other ppl who are working so hard for MWM 2009. The photographer and the videographer and his crew. Thank you for taking such wonderful pics throughout our training week.

I still need time to digest the events that took place and i will blog about the training week after i completed my presentation and cwu. :)

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Too bad it's not screened on tv... Btw that 2nd runners up Christy is my friend.

Hi allison,yup something unexpected is expected ,normal la. All girls turn into beautiful swan that night,haha. Anyway congratulations to you:)

Allison i think you are the most sweet and gorgeous girl among all,no offend to others although others too are beautiful otherwise they wont selected as finalist;D I like your putting on of that elegant evening gown, your make up and your hair style, you look superb !!!

Your disadvantage is your height, other than this, i think you will be the beauty queen of mwm 2009:(
Oh yes! not forgetting that kebaya suit too,suit you:) just like a little nyonya:)

If this is your first time to participate in this event, you had done a GREAT job:) excellent!

I like that super super supergirl
picture, you look cute with that sport attire.

Hey girl, if i am not wrong,last year miss malaysia universe 2008 was held at usj shopping mall too. Think the organisers love malls hahaha.
To me and my entire friends,we all think that mwm is much more standard than mum. Mum sucks.

u have completed the competition.
is a life time memory indeed.
feel so proud of u!

kennee : but u all can watch it live at the mall ;). It's a small world right? hehe

anonymous 1 : yup, everyone looks so beautiful. Thanks ;)

anonymous 2 : thanks for the very nice compliment. Hugs!

austin : thanks. I really love the jacket. Wish they had sponsored us that too. haha

dolly : thanks babe

anonymous 3 : i think when it is held in the malls, more ppl will have opportunity to watch it for free. and glad to hear u guys love mwm :)

suting : yup, the competition is over and it is indeed a lifetime memory. Thank u darling for your support all the way ;)

i think u look fabulous and did a great job. Congrats on winning Ms.Flirtatious. You'll always have my support =)

You look great Allison :)

Congrats, girl =)

Dear allison,

This year mwm costumes are very girlieness and gentleness..NICE!

Designer of evening gown and kebaya suit superb creative,thumbs up!!He is excellent and amazing,hope he can becomes well known in international soon.

Katie n 4 others

Picture by Wilfred Yeo very prosfessional pose except the flash????

Joshua : Thanks. I'll continue doing my best ;)

Jolyn : Thanks Jolyn! Hugs :)

Melvin : Really? in which pic? :)

Number 13 .. i was adjusting my camera and checking the pictures

Number 16, kneeling down.

number 23, beside yew han when he playing piano


Nice blog! Keep up the good work. I like the most is The Miss Malaysia =]

Katie & 4 others : Yup, the kebaya and evening gown is fabulous. Just love them. Nazleen is an excellent designer :)

anonymous 4: Thanks. I think the flash is not turn on ;)

Melvin : Ic. So you must be one of the many photographers standing in front that night. Nice to meet you :)

Heyy,miss mixfm.. You are bold and brave WAH~First time participated beauty pageant, you choose the most biggest beauty pageant event in the year Malaysia and you had won some prize..SALUTE SALUTE Sergeant Yeoh:)

Nansuki : thanks thanks.. haha.. so long i din hear anyone calling me Sergeant dy. haha.. well as i said it's really about the timing as well.. haha.. anyway thanks again ;)

congratulations! wow great experience. love u :)

I dont see why you can't make it into top 10,so funny this event:(

Rames : Thanks :)

lipChee : Thanks for the compliment. I still won a subsidiary title and it was a great experience :)