Friday, October 23, 2009

Mystery Singer of Through My Window Unveil

It's that mystery song, Through My Window again. The one that no one knows who sang it but has been on all airwaves throughout the whole week. The song that has causes a buzz nationwide with all its secrecy and mystery and stirring more attention as days goes by.

But no worries. Today, mua will turn into Detective Mua and will help you to solve this mystery so it aint gna be a mystery no more. I will save you from a slow and painful death from curiosity like it is doing to me cz i'm flabbergasted as to know the mystery singer behind this catchy beat! *some sound effect la; mission impossible soundtrack.. den den den den den den den den den te te te*

Aha..need to seek the help of the Wise One, Sporky.

In which 'evil' Sporky gave me this reply....

*I wont die i wont die yet. But soon. Cause curiosity causes slow, very slow but painful death*

Try the begging tactic. Beg Sporky to gimme the answers since he knows it!

And then try bribery. Bribe him with a big, fat smile. :)

*Yay, he gives in! hahaha. But have to play guessing game. Aiya, play onli la. Soon the mystery aint gna be a mystery no more*

We all guess 2gede-gede like Sporky suggested ok? Don't CHEAT and scroll to the bottom cz u all noe answers be there. :p

Clue 1

Clue 2

Clue 3

Clue 4

Huh? Just from 4 pictures can know already? Ahem, do you guys noe what answers Sporky is giving?

Me didn't yet. :(. Activating brain cells and squeezing brain juice for answers. Tink, tink, tink.

The website, which was the only thing written (other than the title of the song la) on the mystery envelope. On the first day i went to see it, they only had the lyrics and a downloadable version of the song. (so if you still don't know what song is it, click on the link and hear it there)

Then a few days later, they actually put up pictures of the singers of the song. But it's all pixelated pictures. So secretive!! Presumely a band cz i can see like 4 of them.

Now the question is, if they are a band, are they a local band or an international one? Are they a new band that is trying to break into the market or an existing one? Over the past week, many had guessed numerous bands and some even say they sound Boys Like Girls, Blink 182, Green Day alike. The pop punk/rock genre.


And someone even guessed them as 4 PCKs. hahaha. Cz of the hair i suppose. Don't play play.

Don't cheat yet! If you still can't guess, one last final clue. Sporky is so generous. hahaha.

Fill in the blanks. I got the answers already!! Woots woots. *Jumping, laughing, hopping around*

Still stuck and need more help? Lemme give you all some more hints. It's a LOCAL band and the rest of the alphabets are u,n,f,a, and c.


Of course, it's BUNKFACE. In fact many had been suspecting Bunkface to be the band behind the song already.

So proud of our local music industry. Our local bands and artiste these days are getting better and better and producing greater music and songs.

Bunkface - Budding local talent

Now that we all know Bunkface is the mystery band behind Through My Window, the next question is, is it just it? All the mystery just to make ppl interested in one song? I dont think so. I think this must be associated with something bigger. Ha.. mystery no.2!

Actually, just about an hour ago, Everyoneconnects which is powered by TM revealed that Bunkface was actually the one behind the song and from their home page, there will a banner concert going on and there are calls for audition!! So anyone with a band, be prepared for you might be given a chance to perform in a really big event coming up. Like the smell of it but still not quite sure about whats going on?

Don't worry. The good news is we can all become a fan or follow Everyoneconnects so we can all be closer to solving mystery no.2 and to get more info on the banner concert. Detective Mua will also passionately solve this mystery for all of you guys. I had already become a fan. You can too through facebook, twitter and even friendster.

And here is a very sweet ad of :)

So be part of the buzz now or risk being buzz out. :)

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wow.. u were actually in the miss malaysia com..
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anonymous : lol.. thanks :p

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i had no idea on the 1st place after heard the song..they are so talented~!

Syed Salleh :haha.. thanks. i had to agree it's so cute.. muhahaha.. it's a huski btw :)

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Pls see this,

same concept done oversea.

anonymous : Hi, thanks for sharing the link. Ic.. it had been done overseas. But still 1st in Msia. :)