Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ninja Jones Revisit

The following pics are gna make some ppl go hungry! :p

Err.. but nope i don't mean this.

Nor this. (in case you are wondering what is that square patch of dots doing on my chest, well readers, my blog is also for those under 18. So some things are better hide than expose :) )

We checked out of the hotel on Sat. After spending 6 nights there, it felt almost like a 2nd home. After picking me up, me, DD and BH decided to go for a good lunch. After all, it had been so long since we last met and it's been very long since i ate to my heart content. Cz b4 the pageant, i had been watching my diet and i had to resist from so many temptations but now that the pageant is over, i can start eating as much as i want again! hahaha. Nah, i had signed a contract, so still gotta keep my diet in check but can eat more than b4 pageant time. Yay.

We decided to revisit Ninja Jones at Northpoint. This is my 2nd visit there. Actually Ninja Jones is not a pure Jap restaurant, they offer an array of fusion Japanese and Western dishes. But fusion anot, I like Jap food, i like their ambience and i like their service. Their food is good, the ambience is romantic and their service is excellent. And i like to see their waiters and waitresses dress up as Ninjas. My photo taking skill had improved right from the last time? Although still a lot to improve on but practice makes perfect. hahaha.

Can see the quality difference between this pic and the pics above? hehe

The VIP area

Their soft lighting that gave the warm, cosy, romantic ambience

Ninja in action

The place is quiet enough for us to be able to enjoy our meal without having to hear what conversation is going on in the table next to us but yet not awkwardly quiet till we can hear pin dropping. The waiters are ever ready to give good recommendation and always waiting attentively ready to be at our service but yet not hang around us like mosquitoes.

Maguro Carpaccio - slice fresh tuna with special toppings and sauce (consists of about 16 types of herbs and condiments). For someone who don't really like pure raw food, this is extremely good. The herbs and condiments totally remove whatever raw taste the fish had.

Spider roll - sushi roll with soft shell crab yamagobo and cucumber layered with bonito flakes

Shuriken no.1- Ninja Jones specialty. It has tuna inside with cheese and mayo on top. Very good. Melt right in the mouth.

King Prawn Roll - Deep fried tempura prawn with salmon and avocado layered on top

The other side

The star of the day. Gyu Karubi Sumibi-Yaki which means charcoal grill Japanese beef spare ribs. The beef are wahgyu, which is really more tender and juicy than normal beef which explains their price too.

Wahgyu with seasoning

The medium raw ones are the best actually. And do you know that there are actually techniques to charcoal grill your beef so that they can taste their best in your mouth? Like you are not suppose to let a single drop of juice from the beef to fall on the charcoals. So, b4 any juice drops, you will hv to remove the meat.

Saba Shioyaki set which consist of bbq mackerel fish with salt served with rice, egg custard, salad, appetizer, pickles, fruit and miso soup

Salmon Seiro mushi- salmon and rice steamed in a special box.

Lastly desert!! Tamatebako - pumpkin pudding, green tea ice cream, green tea tiramisu and fruits

Hungry already? hehe. I totally love all the food there and ate till my heart content. All of them tasted so good that it is worth for your money. I'm definitely going to go back there again. :)

Ninja Jones Japanese Restaurant,
Lot A-G-5, Northpoint, Mid Valley City,
No. 1, Medan Syed Putra Utara,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

* Disclaimer : The above review is based solely on the writer's point of view and may vary from individual to individual. This is also not an ad as the writer does not get paid for writing the above review. :)

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I always believe that Japanese food is more hygienic.Just wanna know what other's view?

anonymous 2 : in what sense do u say it is hygienic? the preparation technique? or the way the food is presented? :)

*droll* Looks delicious~ >.<'' I'm hungry~

I am refering to preparation technique:)

well in my opinion, hygienic preparation techniques varies from restaurant to restaurant. It really all depends on the individual restaurant. I think there are also chinese, korean etc restaurants out there with good preparation techniques and likewise Jap restaurant that is unhygienic. :)