Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Wildest Dreams Could Be So Real

Yet another one week break is over and I’m already looking forward to my next one. I think I got the break disease. People who are addicted to breaks. I’m counting down to 24th Dec right now. I dislike the goodbyes the most. Each time my family sends me off and we give each other a farewell hug, I had to fight the urge for that tear to come rolling down. It's not like we won't see each other for another 20 yrs. It's just the thought of going back somewhere that you don't really look forward to accelerates the emoness. Maybe next time we should cut short the sending off part, just a quick hug and bye and I don’t have to look at their face for so long and the emotions start welling and then maybe we all won’t have to feel so sad! :p

Actually, I shouldn’t be complaining cz I had an extra day to spent back in home sweet home. I think it must be fated cz I was supposed to fly back to KT yesterday but Air Asia delayed my flight which cause my flights time to clashed and voila, I was allowed to move my flights. By now, I think I had officially developed a love-hate relationship with Air Asia. The fact that they allow my flights to be move to another day makes me love them. But calling their hotline number, the dreadful 03-21719222 makes me go so mad that if Tony Fernandez is willing, I can give him a punch in the face for free. Why you may ask? Well, I tell you why. In my dictionary, the purpose for all hotlines is for ppl to call in when they need to speak to someone personally to clarify confusions that the internet most likely don’t have answers to or it is an emergency case or they cannot access to the internet. It’s not like we have wi-fi in every corner of the world, so what if I’m stuck in the deep jungle of Gua Musang and I need to make flight changes and the only way I can do so is by the phone? Then after listening for hours to the operator asking you to press a gazillion numbers, at the end of the day, the answer to your question is “PLEASE LOG ON TO WWW.AIRASIA.COM.MY” for more info instead of connecting you to any human at all that you can speak to, how does that make you feel? It’s either that or all the operators of Air Asia are always ALWAYS engage on the phone that you can never get through no matter what time of the day you call in. So, there b4 you start accusing me of being violent, pls do something to your dreadful hotline so that the next time I call in I will feel like sending Tony flowers instead of a punch.

But at least I have the radio for company now that im all alone waiting for my next flight, thus minimizing the ‘miss my family right now’ feeling. Heard something interesting on the radio just now. The deejay was saying smt about a mystery song cz apparently some mystery people had dropped off a mystery cd with no name attach to it whatsoever at their office this morning. Maybe it was someone too shy to reveal their true self! But I don’t think that person shd be shy at all cz the funny thing is, when a song is usually played over and over again, it can be quite irritating. Like if you hear “I’m Yours” four times in an hour, by the 5th time u feel like screaming and throwing your shoe at the radio station already but this song actually has quite a catchy and easy-to-follow beat and it has not prove itself to be irritating yet. Since I had heard it for like 3-4 times already, it kinda got stuck in my head like an eel-worm now.

I couldn’t quite concentrate on the lyrics though cz it is quite noisy here at Coffee Bean. But I did manage to catch this part.

" Me....and you

And we are not alone view

We are together now

Through my window, I can see

Our wildest dreams could be so real"

Remember when we were a child and younger, we always believe we can be anything we want to be or we can go anywhere we want to go. There are no limits and we expect the unexpected. We open up our window and dream the wildest dreams possible.

It reminds me once again of some of my wildest dreams when I was younger. (I have good imagination rmb? Hehe) I used to dream of living underwater and having a direct entrance to the open sea where I can swim out to it whenever I like. Imagine having all the magnifito ocean life surrounding you.

Or owning a caravan and drive to whenever I want to go and stop at wherever I want to stop without having to worry about studies, people, work, money or the world. Not a bad way to see and travel the world huh.

Then when the idea of flying cars was put into my head, I dreamt (and still wish) of owning one even before anyone else has one so whenever im stuck in traffic jams, I can just push that magic button and fly and never be late for anything. Then all the Ferraris and Lamborghinis will wish they had my car instead!

And even becoming Malaysia’s first astronaut first woman astronaut! The space and what lies beyond never stops to fascinate me. Will Mars really be as red as the Science book tells us? Can we ever see Pluto even though it is no longer a planet? To look at the real stars which are actually millions of rocks?

Well, im not that close to any of my dreams now but just imagining them can feel so real. And who knows what the future lays.

So, come on. I’m sure everyone had some crazy, wild childhood dream (s) as well. Or even now, you are still dreaming your wildest dreams. Share with me. What are/were/is/was your wildest dream (s)? :)

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Hmmm.... Well, I guess you can try to apply a VIP card with Tony Fernandez since you travel so much with Air Asia :P
Anyway, I guess you can have your dream of living underwater by staying in the Atlantis Hotel Dubai ^_^ It's really nice there. Been there last April but not stay there la....
Good luck in your Miss Malaysia oh ^^

Hmmm.... Well, I guess you can try to apply a VIP card with Tony Fernandez since you travel so much with Air Asia :P
Anyway, I guess you can have your dream of living underwater by staying in the Atlantis Hotel Dubai ^_^ It's really nice there. Been there last April but not stay there la....
Good luck in your Miss Malaysia oh ^^

Loks : I wish Air Asia will gv me one too! haha. The Atlantis hotel? I think maybe i can only afford that after i completed my 100 yrs (literally) studies. :) Thanks for your wishes but the pageant is actually over :)

Cookie Monster : hahaha. thats funny. U'll be eaten by the monster then.

Anonymous : When you do, please do so for me too! :p

i want to be astronaut too! Jeng!

Is it?? hahaha.... I guess i'm so out of track in my final years.... Anyway, I think you can make it for your medical studies one ^_^
Good luck oh!

Your last picture along your blog,the sunglassess like blind people glassess like that, it doesn't suit you,agree with me others? Too dark!

Loks : Thanks! ;)

Dolly : Really? haha..actually i think the aviator is too large for me thats y!

How much is one big box of Brands now? I am so lazy to go down to the shop to check;D

Brands picture looks like japanese or koreans girl *_*

anonymous 1 : 1 box of Brands now ia about Rm 30 :)

anonymous 2 : Arigato/ Kamsahamida :)

You sure you wear that 'cut' Tee for outing?

u mean the Brands one? hehe.. a little confuse cz u left the comment here.. i dont see why not ;)

I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

I guess I am living one of your dream, for I do own a campervan and have travelling around Malaysia with it. Yes, one of the joy of travelling in campervan is freedom of stopping and staying where ever you like. No check in time, no check out time.