Friday, October 16, 2009

Pratunam Night Market

Sometime in July this year, at the height of the H1N1, two brave and adventurous women decided to stick on their holiday plan and despite the health risk, they still flew to Bangkok.

Aerial view of Bangkok City. Oh yay, can't wait for the plane to descend.

One of them had visited Bangkok once while the other none at all. Both of them do not know how to speak Thai or read Thai and with only information they found on the internet, they tried explaining to the cab driver on how to bring them to their hotel which just opened half a year ago and was still pretty unknown even among the locals.

Instead of taking a cab from the departure hall, these 2 women decided to take a cab from the ARRIVAL hall. That's because when you purchase a ticket from the departure hall for the cab, they don't go by the meter and will simply 'chop' you any price they like seeing you are a tourist. For instance, the first person who offered them a taxi stated RM 90 and the second person decided to give a 50% discount and offered RM 45. But no one wanted to go by the meter. So, just go one or two floor up to the arrival hall, hail any cab there that's alighting passengers and ask them to go by the meter and they will usually oblige. So with a meter cab, they safely reached their hotel safe and happy and it was only RM 30 including the toll fee. This is a TIP to not get 'chop' or ketuk or charged extra.

We booked this hotel under Air Asia Go Holiday package. It is clean, reasonable and near to Pratunam Night Market where we can get lots of cheap food and shoes and clothes. But the only disadvantage is the distance between the hotel and the nearest skytrain station. We had to walked like practically 20 minutes or so.

The lobby of the hotel

The 2 brave and adventurous women.. hahaha.. mua and mum

We usually take a cab to the train station cz it was very hot in the afternoon but we will walked from the station back to our hotel cz in the evening, it was much cooler and there's actually a lot to see that you won't even realized 20 minutes had went by.

Among the shopping complex we passed included the large Central World

Peak hour in Bangkok

Every morning, there will be buffet breakfast provided and other than Thai food, they also offer Western style breakfast

This small piece of apple crumble at the hotel cafeteria cost us 50 Baht which is about RM 5. It comes with coconut milk and it tasted quite ok. But to spent RM 5 on food in Bangkok is considered expensive. You will see why.

Just some 5 minutes from the place we stay is the Pratunam night market where we can find a lot, when i say a lot it's at least sufficient for you to have varieties to choose from and be full. Compared to the last time i went Bangkok and we stayed at Krit Thai Mansion area which had practically nothing to eat at all at night. And there's also several stalls selling shoes and clothes and whats not.

Heck, you don't even have to go to the night market if you are that lazy to walked even 5 minutes cz very near the hotel (about 1 min away), there are enough hawker stalls to keep your stomach happy. One of the particular stall i tried was the pad thai stall. Cz every night when i walked pass the stall, there would definitely be a lot of ppl eating there so rule of the thumb, a lot of ppl = must be nice and reasonable. Pad thai is Thai style char kuey teow only that it is sweet instead of savoury. (Ah, the Thais love sweet. No wonder they are so sweet! Pun intended)

And as if the bean sprouts tak cukup in the pad thai, they gave an additional plate of raw bean sprouts to add on!! Good for you bean sprouts lovers. And spring onions and lime to go with.

Grilled salted fish. One whole fish as big as a pomfret for only RM 2 and a slightly bigger one for only RM 2.50! Now you know why my apple crumble which was probably half of the size of this fish was expensive.

Our bubble tea or pearl milk tea is their black pearl tea. Only RM 1! But the pearls are lesser than the ones they give here. Smart business ppl.

These are fresh shrimps. As in uncooked. Tak masak one.

Mix them with these condiments and they are good to go into your mouth. Like really Thais love raw food too. I'm used to them eating raw vegetables but raw shrimps as well, it's my first time.

Look at their doughsticks or yu tiao. So short and cute. Small is beautiful. :p And they goes with the pandan kaya (in the white containers).

This is the even mini ones. Like really really small ones that you can eat yu tiao like pop corns.

I don't know what's this but it's some raw vegetable i think or fruit maybe but i had never seen fruits like this b4 that the Thais just munch away RAW. I did not try cz i dno what is it and don't want to risk a diarrhea.

This lady sells the best of the best stuff here at the night market. Her stall is located at one of the lanes from the market (ok, i know not very helpful thats why i put her pic here so that you can recognize her stall or her or the shop where her stall is located).

Raw mint leaves and the condiments to go with. It is very common and typical for Thais to have all these condiments to go with their food.

Yes, im talking about beef noodles. Beef glass noodles to be exact. Omg, this is something you definitely must try. MUST. mesti. Cannot miss unless you don't take beef la. Cz it's like the best beef noodles i had ever eaten and after u add in the chilli flakes, lagi cun. Mum and i totally love this that my mum craves for it for the subsequent nights and i won't mind flying to Bangkok again for this! It's that good. And it's only RM 3.00.

And of course, other than all these, they still have chicken rice, pork satay, pork balls and a lot of bbq stuff and squids and tom yam and just so much to eat that i don't think you can possibly eat finish everything in one night. :)

More of Bangkok in next post. :)

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Wow...must have been an awesome trip... i see alot of delicious mouth watering foods... XD
Food haven indeed... XD

Kennee : Bangkok is awesome. I will post up a few more posts about Bangkok soon. ;) Hope you find it useful and good. ;)

those are lotus seeds. very the sedap!

dSaint : Really? I shd had tried. But is it really eaten raw just like that? No diarrhea after?


The lotus seed is sold in Malaysia too...In Pasar Malam's la....and it's tatseless...:-P

sarah : hahaha.. reali? oops. mayb i shd open my eyes bigger at the pasar malam next time :)

hi, I will fly to bangkok on 31 dec, stay at Ecotel also. Would like to know how is the hotel, can share more photos of the hotel. By the way, how much is ur package?

hi June. My package is about 600 + for 2 person including air tickets and accommodation. Do you mind giving me your email so i can email you the rest of Ecotel pictures? :)

Hope you enjoy counting down to the new year in Bangkok. Have fun shopping :)

Hi, Allison, my email:
ur package really much more cheaper than mine. envy....

Hi June, replied to your email. Do check. I managed to book the package early so it was cheaper i suppose. ;)

The Central World is damaged by the Reds..too bad!

Anonu : i heard they r rebuilding the central world.:)