Sunday, October 18, 2009

Samut Sakhon (Mahachai), Bangkok

Have you all ever seen eggs pink in colour?
PINK eggs!! I saw these pink eggs at one of the largest fresh seafood markets in Bangkok. Some say beneath those pink shells are actually our pi-tan or century eggs.

Yes, so we don't just go shopping shopping and shopping all the time. We went to another side of Bangkok that less tourist opt to go which opened our eyes to the poorer and more countryside of the city. Mum suggested we go witnessed the famous train market, which is actually something very unique to Bangkok. The market is located right beside the railway track and when the train comes, the stall vendors will removed their stuff and put them back again on the track after the train go pass.

The train market is located at
Samut Songkhram or known to the locals as Maeklong (the “k” is pronounced as a “g” ). To get to there, we first had to take the skytrain to Wong Wian Yai station. From there, we then took a cab which costs us about RM 3 to Wong Wian Yai Railway station. Don't get confuse between the skytrain and railway station. Next we hopped onto the train which is the Mae Khlong-Mahachai Railway. The train then stopped at Samut Sakhon or Mahachai (by the locals) railway station because thats where the track ends. Thats not the train market tho. You will have to take a ferry to cross the Tha Chin river first. Then trains connect from there to Samut Songkhram (Maeklong) on the Mae Khlong river.

Wong Wian Yai railway station.

What happen was we did not make it to Maeklong. Yes, what a pity. I would had love to see the vendors removing their stuff and putting them back. The looks on their face. haha. We only went to Samut Sakhon (Mahachai), which is an old fishing port at the mouth of Tha Cin river and where one of the largest fresh seafood market in Bangkok is. It's a long long story actually.

It's an hour train ride from WWY to Mahachai railway station. When we got to WWY railway station, it was 5 minutes after 10.30am and the train just left at 10.30am. (i was late cz i did not know what time the train leaves cz the railway is not part of the national network and you won’t find any of the train times listed on the timetable at the State Railway’s website.) The next train, which was the one we took left at 12.15pm. However, trains leave for Maeklong from Tha Cin only at certain times which is at 7.30am, 10.10am, 1.30pm and 4.40pm. Train departs back from the train market at 7.20am, 10am, 12.30pm and 4.30pm. So if we want to be able to make it to go to the train station and back on the same day, it was impossible.

I hope you all are not too confuse by now. :)

We just missed the train. Boo hoo hoo.

Shophouses opposite the railway track

A variety of chicken parts - chicken livers, hearts and even buttocks!

Picnic gas - a gas store

We start boarding onto the train at 12pm and managed to get a good seat. This was how the train look like. No air-con at all and it looks like the one i took after white water rafting to Beaufort in KK.

Funny enough, we had already bought our return tickets but one guy came up to me and gave me another pair of return tickets and went down the train after so i could not asked him why or what.

What are these 2 GUYS doing in a FEMALE toilet? Seriously, as i sat there waiting for the train to go, i saw the black shirt guy went in, used the toilet and out again.

The one hour ride was filled with very picturesque scenery of the countryside. This is actually an entrance to someone's house. Can you imagine living in a house that has an entrance that opens up to a railway track? Well, not my cup of tea definitely.

I had included a 1 min video of some of the scenery throughout the ride. The train wasn't moving that fast, maybe about 60km/h and i think it stopped 13-14 times for passengers to board and alight before we finally reached Mahachai.

When the train finally stopped at Mahachai station, we seriously do not know where to head. Everything is in Thai. All the signboards are in Thai and at this part of Thailand, no one, NO ONE knows how to speak or understand English. Even if you want to ask for directions to Tha Cin river, no one can show you the way. So we walked out from the station, unsure to head left or right and were just about to go with our gut feeling when i decided to try one last time. I don't really like the idea of walking in circles or ended up at someplace that God-knows-where with no one able to understand us and phone receptions are bad there. Thankfully, there's one goldsmith shop opposite the train station and there's a young man there who can speak and understand a little English at least and he pointed us to the right direction. He's really one in a million there cz everyone i spoke to in the town including the restaurant that we went to have our lunch, DO NOT understand English.

Since it is a place of abundant seafood, naturally you'll think of trying out the seafood there.

We passed the seafood market on our way to the port. Actually we do not want to go opposite cz we won't make it to the train market anyway but we wanted to go the restaurant beside the port cz the goldsmith man said that the nearest (reachable by walking distance), most reasonable and nicest seafood restaurant is that one. Crabs from RM 16- RM 22 per kg. Cheap wei.

More crabs and shells. Cheap cheap.

Mantis prawns

But we still got onto the ferry anyway at the port cz the ride was only RM 0.30 and we had already come so far. Might as well see what the other side has to offer.

This friendly lady who hangs this cardboard around her and has a variety of earrings, hairbands, purses and handbags clipped to it and she just sells them like that.

There's really nothing much on the other side. It's even quieter here and the only thing worth noticing is this. Do you know what is it? This is a petrol station and the liquid you see in the cylinder container is the petrol. The petrol are sold in water bottles. Like 1 liter bottles. Just like that.

Hungry and not wanting to waste any more time, we head back to the port and went to the restaurant.

The very faded signboard of the restaurant. But no worries, they will have a huge signboard on the ground floor that has all the fish and prawns pictures so you will know that it is a seafood restaurant.

A portrait of the owner of the restaurant

The Tha Cin river. Thats actually the ferry we took to cross to the other side of the river. If you had been thinking of the Penang type of ferry, sorry to burst your bubble.

We ordered by pointing to the pictures in the menu. They do not know what we were talking about and we do not know what they were talking about. And all the waitresses started laughing. They must have very few visitors who completely do not how to speak Thai! Mum and i finally sitting down for our lunch.

Seafood tom yam. This is very good. I love the tom yam. The original tom yam as how tom yam should had always been. Spicy, with a tinge of sour and not sweet. Thank God. The tom yam i had last time at MBK food court sucks totally compared to this. That tom yam was so sweet. And the prawns were huge.

Chilli crab. We wanted the normal crab but they gave us the flower crab.

Fried potatoes sutffed with prawns. After a few, this was very filling.

Took this from where i sat so it was a zoom in pic. This old lady lives on this boat. The boat is her home. She was frying some stuff in the pic. I wondered what happen to all those oil after she finished frying. I hope she does not throw them into the river.

The wind was quite strong by late afternoon and i like the breeze

Tuk tuks. I just fl that going Thailand with no pic of tuk tuks is like short of something.

We then head back to the train station to wait for our train to go back. The train station was also beside another smelly market.

I slept half the journey back as the evening sun glows lightly on my face. By the time we got back to Bangkok city again, it was already about 8pm.

Went in to Amarin shopping centre cz they had big SALES words pasted all over.

Saw these Hello Kitty bags. So pink or Hello Kitty lovers, these are for you.

And then there's the Planet of Ocean exhibition at Central World, which is beside Amarin mall. Central World is the largest shopping mall in Bangkok!

I wished someday i can take underwater photo this awesome. But then again, mayb not crocodiles. :p

We went back the next day. Din get to do much in the morning cz was busy preparing to go to the airport.

Btw, the cabs in Bangkok are all very colorful and they don't use Wiras or Sagas. They usually use Toyota, Honda or Mitsubishi Lancer.

Yes, yes, yes. Soon we can bid our masks goodbye! hahaha

Maybe next time we will make it to the train market. There's still a lot of parts of Bangkok that i had yet to explore and unveil. For the food and the shopping and the sights i had not seen, i will still put up my hand for another Bangkok trip. :)

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nice pictures!
the last time i went to thailand was in 1996.. long time ago.. haha..
and the pink eggs.. wow.. never knew there are such colour for eggs.. =P

i admire the fact that u dress so nice to go to the poor area. is it that safe?

kenwooi : Thanks. I'm sure Thailand had huge changes compared to how it was in 96 then. That was like n yrs ago. haha

dSaint : We were traveling the whole day so i thought it's better to dress up in smt thats suitable for most places. Anyway, me and me mum made it back in one piece, so i wouldn't think it's dangerous. Kidding. Know what you meant. It is quite safe there, don't worry. As usual, take good care of your belongings and be alert. The ppl there are quite nice actually cz maybe they are not used to having tourist as the ppl in the city so they were v frenly and nice. :)

These are all nice pictures.
Would love to use them in my blog as well.
Till now I only knew of websites like
which give detailed info of Thailand. But your blog also gives detailed pictures.

Amazing Thailand : Thank you. You are most welcome to use my pics but don't forget to link my blog to the pictures when you use them. ;). Hope u enjoy my post. :)