Monday, November 09, 2009

21st November 2009

PS : Blog post had been updated!

2111- Be there or be square :D

We heard the song, we know the band and we had seen the audition. (if you are still clueless of what mua is talking about or had missed the auditions, fret not. Catch it here!) Some of them are very funny. Some of them sang way out of tune but well had to applaud for them cz at least they had the courage to step out and try. :)

Come 21st November, the largest event of the year is gna take place. Our previous mystery will be solve. Something big is gna happen in the smallest space ever.

The much buzz about banner concert finals is taking place. I wonder who will be the lucky band/solo to walk away with their very own gig being run all over online banners.

And to add spice and fire to the atmosphere, there will also be sing-along karaoke, group karaoke and suVirtual dance tournament for everyone.

There will also be performance by our local artiste. Among them are Bunkface; the band behind the whole mystery song, Shila, Modread, Tomok, Dafi/Mila/Akim and there will be appearances by a list of other top notch celebrities that you guys will have to find out on your own only on that day. :p

Thats not all. The goodness dont just ends here. On that day itself, there will be site takeovers, live video streaming, tv and news coverage as well as 8tv creative buys.

Not forgetting there will be a lot of bloggers too. So u can meet some of your fav bloggers..hahaha.. :p

Anyway, with so many exciting activities and performances lining up, how can you possibly miss this huge event of the year rite?

Faster take out ur pda/fon/paper/pen/calendar and mark and remember this date. Remember it's 21/11/2009, 21st November 2009, Saturday.

The place is at Sungei Wang main entrance, 8.30 am to 8.30 pm. Entrance is freeee. haha

So, don't forget to get yourself, your family, your friends, your dog, your cat, your maid all there to be part of this largest buzz.

From what i heard, we will all be in for some surprises on that day. Cant wait to find out what they are!

See you all there then :)

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