Friday, November 06, 2009

D.I.Y Chocolate and Cheese Fondue

B4 i start my post, i just want to let you all know that i had decided to jump on the Twitter bandwagon! Yay. haha. I know so many ppl are already tweet crazy and i jz signed up. Well, i had my reasons of not signing up earlier. I dont quite like the whole tweeting idea initially but now I'm loving it.

But anyhow, of course my name had been taken and al02 had been taken too. So, im feeling abit brain jam to think of a more creative username so yeah, alliyeoh is my twitter handle on twitter. :)

Ok, as the title goes, yes, im going to share with all of you how to do your very own choc and cheese fondue at home. Even if you are on a budget. Really easy-peasy. Cz you are reading this from an absolute fondue lover who only do easy-peasy stuff so rest assured, no special skills needed one. :)

One by one, so i will start with chocolate fondue 1st cz lesser steps than the cheese fondue. hehe

#1 - Ingredients - baking chocolates (2 bars like can make one big bowl dy)

#2 - Break the chocolates into pieces and then place them in a metal bowl.

Oh ya, b4 u place the chocolate pieces into the pot, make sure you already turn on the fire to heat up the pot. You can start with a big fire cz u need the water the boil. But control the fire as you melt the choc so dat ur choc don chao ta/burn.

# 3 - This is the secret skill needed tho. lol. Actually not skill also. Technique. The secret is cannot, CANNOT heat the chocolate directly over the fire. So thats why you dont put the chocs in a pot but in a metal bowl. Cz you have to fill a pot half-filled with water then place the bowl in the pot and then only heat. Like in the picture.

# 4 - Then, just leave the chocolates to melt while you watch the fire and control the fire as long as you make sure your choc don chao ta/burn can dy. At this stage, the bowl of choc melting is 100% choc. Haven't add water.

# 5 - It's totally up to you how much water you want to add (depends on how concentrated you want ur choc to be) or none at all.

And we did not even add sugar cz the chocolate itself is already very sweet.

Another important tips is, you must keep stirring the choc. Even just now as you wait for it to melt. KEEP STIRRING.

# 6 - And voila - your chocolate is ready! By right, you have to keep them heated all the time if not the choc will harden one then you cant dip ur stuff into it and it wont be a fondue anymore. But if you dont have the small burner like us, it's ok also. Cz it takes at least an hour b4 it will harden again. And if it hardens just go and re-melt it. :p

Ok, next is cheese fondue. My fav. hehe

# 1 - This one more steps cz you need cheese and whipping cream. Hmm actually if you like, you can experiment with other types of cheese also, maybe mozarella or blue cheese.

# 2 - Melt your cheese in the metal bowl. Like the choc, you cant melt them directly over the fire. So have to heat the pot and put the bowl in the pot.

# 3 - Squeeze some lemon juice into your cheese.

# 4 - Watch the fire, watch your cheese while they melt. The melting cheese.. oom oom...

# 5- Then while your cheese melts, don forget to add in the whipping cream

# 6 - It will have a consistency like this. Still can see its sticky texture.

# 7 - STIR. Keep stirring until it becomes less sticky and more creamy.

# 8 - Then it's ready! Like the choc shd heat them over the burner to kp them warm and so that they will not harden but again it takes about an hour to harden.

Easy-peasy rite? If i can do it, im sure all of you can do it also. And it taste good. Testified one. :p

Then it's up to you to dip whatever you like into your choc and cheese.

For us, we prepared some of our fav finger food to go with our choc and cheese.

Cheesy nuggets - very nice le these nuggets

Curly fries. Hmm cz we only had olive oil and we don use olive oil for deep frying, so we don deep fry this fries like we are suppose to thus they turn out quite soggy.

Wedges! Some part burnt dy. Oops

Marshmallows! Whoopeee.. dip it in choc -a very sweet treat to your taste bud.

We eat healthily one..hehe.. - so also must have fruits. Apples and a whole big bowl of it.

Strawberries. These strawberries were so sour to eat them on their own, so when they are dipped in the sweet choc, it's the perfect combination.

Oom oom.. yum yum..

Wa.. making me hungry now. Shucks. Yummmmm

The secret chef...hahahaha..

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