Monday, November 16, 2009

Express and Win With Brand's Chicken Essence

The other day, i bumped into Wudolph, the white nose reindeer.

And because Christmas is in a month, i told Wudolph my little Christmas wish. :)

"Wudolph, i heard Hong Kong is very pretty during Christmas. I hope to spend my Christmas there. I want to eat siew mai by the huge fireplace.Can you help me make my wish come true?"

Wudolph said that he needs to discuss this with Santa 1st but because i am hebat like that, he will reward me 1st with two Generasi Hebat ties which might help make my wish come true too.

The two Generasi Hebat ties.

How how? What can i do with it??

Ta da! Luckily Brand's chicken essence came to rescue. My greatness booster can. Always there for me at perfect timing.

Now you can have your Brands ice cold too. First, i admire it's external goodness.

Then i savour the smell.

Before gulp gulp gulp.. taking it in..

And yes! After i finished an entire bottle of the chicken essence, it's as though a light bulb had been switched on in my head.

Ah, the wonder of my greatness booster. Which got my creative juice flowing. :p

Well, if you have 2 green ties and an oversize t-shirt, what will you do with them?

I'm sure many of us had an oversize tee like this that you either wear them as pajamas or they will be hidden at the back of your cupboard forgotten forever.

But what a waste right?

So, quick quick go dig out that shirt you had put away for way too long cz i will show you all how to turn a hideous oversize tee into something in fashion today - a ripped singlet.

I'm no fashion expert but im not going to let my Generasi Hebat shirt go grow mold in my cupboard.

As usual, this is something easy-peasy that requires no special skills whatsoever. And i dont even have all those proper tailoring stuffs.

All i had was the oversize tee, pen, pencil, eraser, ruler and scissor.

# 1 - Cz i'm gna turn this into a singlet, so of course have to cut off the sleeves. Measure, measure, draw draw, rub rub, draw draw.

#2 - Then take out a pair of scissor and you are ready to do the transformation to your shirt. To be honest, i never cut my own shirt like this b4 so i was quite nervous also to do it. Cz once potong means potong dy.

# 3 - Cut cut cut..

# 4 - See, the sleeves are gone! Now im doing the final steps. My ripped singlet is almost done.

And and and.. after about an hour....
I'm so excited and happy with my new masterpiece! hahaha

Teng teng teng.. Sleeves gone, round collar gone. Looks much better now right? :p

Wait till you see the back..

The good thing about ripped is that, because it is ripped, it doesn't have to be regular. It doesn't have to be symmetrical. Just ripped it anyway you like. *gives a pat to self*

Now from potentially-hidden-and-forgotten-forever hideous tee, it had became a fashion statement that you can proudly wear out to flaunt to others your diy skills. :)

And of course, if you realize the 2 ties are actually very versatile. They can be bracelets or necklace to go with your outfit.

Or you can turn them into this :

What is this ribbon like thing.. what can it be use for.. hmm

Headband of course. Headbands and hair accessories are so in these days you can wear it anywher you go.

With my diy ripped singlet and diy ribbon headband, im ready to be out on the street. :)

If you are bold enough, play around with it and you can wear it as a bow.

Or a belt to accentuate that thin waist of yours.

Even if it's not worn as a headband, it will make good hair accesoriees. Like how it jazz up my bun. hehe

With Brands chicken essence, my creative juice just cant stop flowing and im energetic like a tiger.

Because i cant decide which pic to put and submit, here's another pic of me with my creations. Maybe you all can tell me which one looks better.. hehe.

And another one. I feel so proud of my own creations all thanks to Brand's :D

Well, if you think you are more creative than me and can do better than i do, which im sure a lot of you are actually, go grab a box of Brand's Chicken Essence today.

Quick quick go get one cz it's SPM, it's STPM now. Or just as a daily greatness booster. Or because like me, you want a trip to Hong Kong.

I heart my box of chicken essence.

From now till 31st March 2010, when you buy Brand's Chicken Essence, you stand a chance to win yourself a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. The contest form is in the inside of box.

All you have to do is express yourself in your most creative way possible with the 2 green ties then shoot a pic of your creation and you can mail it to the address obtainable here or upload your pic to their facebook page.

Easy-peasy right?

Hong Kong Disneyland awaits you!!

And you get to see Minnie and Mickey with five young 'hebat' individuals - energetic Hafiz, multi-talented Choo Hou Ren, Akim and Aril from Akademi Fantasia 7 and winner of Mentor Season 3, Black.

So, start your creative juice flowing now. :)

For more info, check out Brand's site here.

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good post. Creative. I like it. :)

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thanks sherinne :) I will hv to try to experiment with more diy then :)