Friday, November 06, 2009

Generasi Hebat

Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah.. i'm feeling absolutely great now. Cz i just had my greatness booster. Ah.. you all will know soon. hehe..

For the past one week, well it was literally like this..

Every morning when the alarm goes i will never feel like waking up.

It will ring a gazillion time and somewhere in lala land, i will be told it is only the 1st time i hear them. :D

But they will ring and ring, ring and ring and ring until i pening (it rhythmss!!), so i drag my semi-conscious self out of my tempting bed and get ready for the day.

Which will end up in me looking like this half of the time. See how small the eyes went after all the yawns. Mata sepet dy.

Oh, ugly!!

But luckily, i don't have be mata sepet for long. And yawn and yawn and yawn and 'infect' all people around me with my contagious yawn.

Cz i found my saviour! My secret weapon! My greatness booster!

The Brands Essence of Chicken. Yay. Which helps me stay alert stay awake :)

And because im awake and energetic, i can concentrate better and absorb more and perform better. So it makes me feel great and elevates my mood so i went on and share this great feeling with others and makes them feel great and elevate their mood too, then everyone together-gether feel great and good. Then, as the chain reaction goes on, everyone will be infected and soon generation X and Y will be forgotten history. Cz it will be the dawn of a whole new generation.

A generation of people regardless of age, who are very handal/ingenious because we will seek answers when others question, we are the reaction to every action and we are the people who make our own luck. The people of this generation will also be explorasi/open-minded as the new is what we live for. We embrace and connect it with the rest of the planet. We are the boleh/go-getter cz whatever it is we always wants to get there 1st and make things happen. The thrill of adventure will keep us going. (sounds like me! haha).

Lets see.. In this generation, we are also aktif/alert, leaving nothing to chance, always a step ahead and ready for anything. And of course, have to be tekun/determined cz we are no quitters who will leave no stone unturned and let nothing stand in our way.

We are Generasi HEBAT or the GREAT generation which possessing all those hebat qualities goes on to influence and infect others to attain the hebat feeling. :p

Simple isnt that? And all it takes to star is a bottle of Brands. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A bottle a day keeps the fatigue away.

I want to be hebat hebat! Cz i wna spread such great feelings to people around me. And i wna be as hebat as this cartoon heroes. haha

Hercules - *drools* Look at those arms. I bet you'll be willing to sweep off your feet anytime. hehe..

Elecktra - in her famous sexxyyy red leather tank top electrifying everyone around me

Batman - Then i can have his cool car and chase villains

Astroboy - being a cute robot that brings world peace. :)

Thundercats - Cat-like humanoid aliens with great power.

And because i feel hebat, i can study, play, eat, sleep, blog better. :p

Optimum for hosp

Optimum for lectures even if it's one that is hypnotic

Optimum for leisure activities that keeps adrenalin rushing

And optimum for play.

I din bluff you all about the dawn of generasi hebat one.

Got logo samore. Generasi Hebat logo.

Now everyone can stay smart, stay savy and be part of Generasi Hebat by being their fan on their facebook page. :D

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wow dun tell me BRANDS is so up-to-date nowadays haha i will have a look on its products

really brands make ppl hebat???? hahaha i think it might helps in my incoming STPM =)

I thought booster is hin1 booster!

Photo shooting for Brands' advertisement? Haha...hei careful dont place that alarm clock too near your head,cautius of rays from them.

hahahahhaa..yea launching of Generasi Hebat with Brands

dont worry.. usually not that near my head.. haha.. for photo shooting purpose :)

Me dear , Brands!! my treasure since upsr, pmr,spm ,matrix till uni exams now .Very Effective.

Optimum for hosp that picture even tho you put on doctor coat, still looks cute la..y not put on a pair of black frame spectacles may look stern and cool! Optimum for play picture pretty lor.

a contest coming up ;). thanks thanks ;)

anonymous : yup.. Brands is having a contest soon. Contest details will be up on my blog soon. ;)

During my prenancy i drank many bottles of Brands and my baby came out is very energetic,big bones and smart as he grows.I guess Brands is really work..haha.

hahaha.. im so glad Brands works for u.. ;)