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Largest Sing-Along Mass Karaoke Session Like Never Before

Finally finished selecting and editing the pictures! And there's like more than 100 pictures below so enjoy feasting your eyes on them. More pictures than words definitely this time. :p I took like more than 800 pictures that day itself and i wished i can put all the pictures up here for you guys to see but it will slow down my page loading time incredibly so i had selected just the best of the bunch. :)

It was the largest ever sing-along mass karaoke session happening at Jln Bukit Bintang (Bintang Walk) last Saturday. Throughout the whole day, they just had so many surprises going on which kept the crowd entertained before ending with the banner concert finals. I was there at around 3pm and there was already a jam because part of Jln Bukit Bintang, one the busiest and most happening street of Kuala Lumpur was closed just for this event to take place and lemme tell you, the event was such a blast that rain or shine, the ecstatic, high-in-adrenaline crowd just rock the place down with their super energetic vibe.

Remember how it all started with the mystery song 'Through My Window' and then the banner concert audition by What follows in the past few weeks as we saw was how the song became such a phenomenon with millions of internet mentions, thousand of tweets and uploads. It is so incredible how a simple and catchy song can connect strangers of different age groups, races and nationalities to be friends, to sing along and have fun. Almost like how a football game can connect strangers all around the globe instantly.

A walking microphone! So cute right. haha.

Besides having a mass of ecstatic, high-in-adrenaline crowd, there's also our fav morning crew deejays, JJ and Ian to hyped up the atmosphere.



It's my first time seeing both deejays close-up and seriously i'm surprised Ian is not that short and small as how JJ always teased him on radio.

The deejays started drawing the crowd attention towards them and the crowd responded ecstatically and with much anticipation.

Make them throw their hands, in the ayer, ay-ayer, ayer, ay-ayer

JJ teasing Ian as usual about him being 'short' again.

Do a little swaying to the left and right to get adrenaline pumping harder

There were also a lot of media ppl around - photographers, videographers, ppl from the newspaper etc. With a dslr hanging around my neck, they thought im one of the media ppl too. hehe. Which come to think of it, maybe not entirely wrong. Blogging = social media, so blogger = social medialist? haha

More ppl throwing their hands up in the ayer, ay-ayer, ayer

Free T-shirts were also given out but the crowd gotta cheered for their T-shirts. Ian was closing his eyes and he threw the T-shirt into the direction where the loudest cheers and shouts can be heard.

Everyone wanted the shirt. The first lucky guy who managed to grabbed one.

Then the next lucky guy.

This guy jumped so high just so that he could reached for the shirt.

Mine, mine, mine!!

We want more, we want more.

The first lucky lady.. see how happy she was

The T-shirt giving session was interrupted by a group of people in orange jumpsuits littering over the place obviously ignoring orders to clean up.

They had brooms, dustbins, ladders and even yellow boots like Phua Chu Kang.

What were they up to?

Aaahhh.. they are the KL Stompers! I love love love their performance.

They are good. Really good.

Little boy so absorbed in the performance going on. His face so chubby makes me feel like pinching. hahaha.

Stompers wannabes.

And a sweep and a sweep and a sweep and a sweep

Pans and dustbin covers too

The walking microphones again

Clap a clap a clap a clap a

I cannot stop laughing every time i see his facial expression. Actually it kinda makes my goose bumps stand too. It seems he's thinking 'Hmmm.. im enjoying my pan' (got the slang? haha)

You you you you can move yuh foot how yuh waan it nuh hard fi yuh dweet, bring dem round inna circle and move to di beat (from the Elephant Man song, Sweep the Floor)

Dem a sweep dem a sweep dem a sweep dem a sweep

So after stomping around with their dustbins, dustbin covers, brooms and pans and bottles, what were they up to next?

Told ya it's a whole series of surprises that i myself find interesting and entertaining. *wink*

Our brooms will, our brooms will rock you, rock you.

Finally they are done with dustbins and stuff and decided to put their right foot in, left foot out, shake their hips and danced.

Looks like they were ready to rock.

Happy faces around

They are challenging the other group to a dance challenge. Hot.

The other group hit back.

"My ears are bursting! So terrible performance also dare to take up our challenge!!"

" Cheh.. macam you all very good like dat. Come on, show us what you got "

So, so what, I am a rock star, I got my rock moves and I'm gonna rock you till you pee

Me and you, And we are not alone, Different view, We are together now, Through my window, I can see, Our wildest dreams could be so real :D

While it's a party on the street, a suvirtual dance tournament was going on too. Look at how pro these competitors are, concentrated and engaged.

Totally amazed by their speed and choreographs.

A giant screen to amplify what went on so that even if you are 54321 miles away from the stage or so squashed up by the super energetic people around you that your view got blocked, you can still have a feel of what went on. Or just to see the happy and ecstatic faces of the crowd.

As they started giving out the T-shirts again, the whole session was interrupted once more.

Cause a bunch of people got frozen right in the heart of Bintang Walk. How can you not be tempted to go poke or tickle them and see how 'frozen' are they? (i'm so bad! haha)

But they were so frozen to the point that they looked like wax. It's like they were really frozen for the whole 10 minutes or so. No matter how you try to disturb them, their expressions and posture remained as they were. Even with multiple cameras pointing to their face, they can maintained that expression or posture without even so much so as blinking an eye. Excellent and creepy at the same time cz it's like walking through a whole bunch of mannequins but at the same time knowing they are real living humans.

This is my fav 'mannequin'. Look at him. I tried poking him but he did not move or even wink an inch. Creepy!

Another one.

Frozen while giving each other a punch in the face. Not bad

I had to boxed up my armpit in this pic cz somehow i think it looked damn disgusting and i don't want to spoil ur pleasant day.

This one also very real. I like.

After all the street performances and freeze mob, it's the sing-along. The mass karaoke. Of course, everyone sang 'Through My Window' like 50 times that day (ok maybe slightly exaggerated) but it's the song that brought everyone together to this event so of course they are going to stuck the song right into everyone's head like an eelworm.

Then Bunkface made their appearance and i can feel the energy vibe doubled instantaneously.

Bunkface- the band behind the phenomenon song.

Pic credit of facebook page

As they walked back to the backstage, we quickly went after them like paparazzi and managed to shot a candid shot of them.

Next, Shila made her appearance and sang her version of 'Through My Window'. She looked like a frightened little girl here.

Then it's Suki turn to charmed the crowd.

And i managed to get a pic with her. I rarely chased after artiste to asked for pic one but that day got influenced by the ecstatic and energetic vibe surrounding me, so was on paparazzi mode.

While i was camwhoring with my dummy mic that was given out, suddenly this particular walking microphone came and gave me a shock. Cz i wasn't expecting anyone and i did not even noticed the presence of a human being until he stood right next to me.

But the minute he walked away, i knew who was he instantaneously and i was so excited.

Cz he is one of my fav local artiste. With a hairstyle i will love to try if not because it's too expensive to do it. (In Bangkok, i once asked and was told it cost RM 30 per plait and i need at least more than 100 plaits on my head "')

Now hold your breath as i present to you our multi-talented and multi-award winning Reshmonu.

I loves his hair even though i had heard all sort of scary story behind it but we only live once. I still think i like to try it at least once b4 my hair all falls off.

He's really friendly and even robbed in his entire security crew and manager for the pic.

Jaclyn and me

Me and DD

Me and Jessica connecting strangers to become friends.

It started raining when the banner concert finals went on. But the crowd was determined to party till the end, come rain or shine. With umbrellas and rain coats, they stood rooted and cheered their fav band on stage.

Tomok performing the Malay version of 'Through My Window'. Everyone braved the rain because you know certain things are too good to be missed.

Pic credit of facebook page

Wait, lemme show you all first the stage that the bands were performing at. Took this pic earlier on b4 the rain pours and sky got dark. Really a very small, confine space right? Feeling claustrophobic already?

Dafi, Mila and Akim performing their version of Through My Window. Mila is so petite and cute in person.

Among the bands performed at the banner concert finals were Madamme, Rock N Roll John, Marionnexxes, Basolaye, Saving Grace Period and Rodeo. (Their performance video can be downloaded at here )

Marionnexxes performing their Harimau Mengayau (smt like dat) song. Honestly, i din like the Harimau song cz the lead singer was trying to act like a tiger going all 'ngau ngau ngau' here and there and sad to say, he did not managed to exude that tiger vibe. Instead i couldn't understand a word in the song as they were practically just screaming away. (Marionnexxes fans are gna stone me but this is just my opinion and hope they can improve after this)

The host for the night from

Pic credit of facebook page

Luckily the rain did not last long and stopped soon enough. The last band of the night giving their best shot.

Of course, who else to wrapped up the whole event and bring the crowd to a new high but the band behind the song - Bunkface.

No prize for guessing right what song they sang. Through My Window for the 100th time. :p

And then we had 2 giant balloons bouncing through the gigantic crowd. So cute to just see the balloons bouncing one on top of the other.

Giant balloon heading our way. Boy, they are huge.

Bunkface ended the night with a blast with their other hit song 'Revolusi' even though i personally preferred them to had sang Prom Queen. But crowd demanded Revolusi so no choice, had to go with popular demand.

Last pic b4 ciao-ing. T for TM. Yeap, the whole campaign was powered and brought to you by TM. Without TM, there wouldn't be a banner concert, there wouldn't be the mass sing-along and there wouldn't be so much fun.

Dummy mics, fans and T-shirt. Yay, i managed to grabbed one of the T-shirts thrown but it's a XXL. Arggh. Hope my bro doesn't slim down so he can fit. hahaha. kidding.

I was beat at the end of the day cz i used up most of my energy in the 5 hours i was there. Luckily i did not wear my 4 inch heels just cause i wna looked taller if not sure cry. But i had so much fun blending in with the super ecstatic, high-in-adrenaline crowd, enjoying the street performances and KL Stompers, attempted to be paparazzi and even managed to took pics with some of our local celebs. It is simply incredible how connections make anything possible. :)

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