Saturday, November 07, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

Once upon a time, in the faraway land of Just Dreaming, there lives 7 little stickmen and a princess.

These 7 little stickmen are always happy and merry. They are always laughing and dancing while the princess is always sad even tho she has better food and clothes.

She felt so envious of the stickmen and wish to be as happy as they are. She doesnt want better food and clothes. She just want what the stickmen have that makes them joyful. So, one day she ask the stickmen of why are they always happy and never sad.

One of the stickman reply, 'Why of course we are happy. Cz we have our awesome Dell Inspiron 13 to keep us company. They are colorful and classy looking, have enhanced wireless connection and Dell™ Webcam Central that helps us keep in touch with all our love ones and friends even if they are 54321 miles away with amazing ease, they have wide vivid display and gives us quality HD experience. On top of that, they have 50% more portable power performance. With Dell, there's no need to dwell. With Dell, we always excel.' :)

The princess squeels with delight as she finally got her answer.

'Oh stickman, thank you so much for letting me in on this wonderful piece of news. I want a Dell Inspiron 13 too. But how can i get one?'

So the stickmen puts the princess through a time machine and transform her to the 21st century where she became a medical student with a super hectic lifestyle so that she will have a chance to win this awesome laptop that will make her as happy and merry as they are.

And because of her super hectic lifestyle with increasing stress cocooning around, once in a while she needs to treat herself with some rewards to pamper and indulge herself. Even if it means just dreaming of the possible treats she can get for herself. :p

Being light years away from her homeland and stuck in a tiny, quiet town, a laptop is her most important asset. It provides her with that little entertainment, helps her with her schoolwork, helps her stay connected and catch up with the latest happenings. However, her existing laptop is as old as the land of Just Dreaming, with missing alphabet on the keyboard (note the white patch on the keyboard), has limited build in memory where all her main programmes are located (blue color on the pie indicates used space.. can you see how insanely insufficient it is??), starts up very very slowly and has a speaker that does not function. As much as she loves her existing laptop for being so faithful all this while, to ensure optimum performance and convenience, it's clear that it is time a new Dell Inspiron 13 is needed.

Treat 1 - A brand new Dell Inspiron 13. Even better if it's blue in color. My fav color. I won't mind white too. My other fav color. :)

Treat 2 - With her frequent and increasing need to travel on the road (especially down to KL) and rising fuel price, a water power car is just what she needs. She can saves so much on petrol and helps to keep the earth green too as water power cars does not release carbon dioxide. Killing two birds with a stone. Ideal right? hehe

Treat 3 - Shopping spree! How nice will it be if she is given an opportunity to have a Grab-All-You-Want-Without-Having-To-Pay-Day from Pavilion or any shopping malls at all. Arh.. she will surely bring along a humongous trolley to stuff her grabs then. Maybe she can do that in the land of Just Dreaming.

Treat 4 - Being also a fickle-minded princess, she can't decide between going for water sports or snow sports but she figure she will just treat herself to both. First go cable or jet skiing then fly off to the North Pole for some snow sledging in a Sledgoon or snow tubing. Maybe she can spot Santa Claus too now that Christmas is near. Cool huh?

Treat 5 - This is her definite fav. Treating herself to one or two holiday destination or anywhere in this world at all (doesnt matter if it's New York or Africa) during each uni break. How wonderful if moolahs from Just Dreaming can be used in this part of the world.

Of course, the princess ultimately wishes to have her 1st treat the most- her Dell Inspiron 13 cz that's the reason she hv to be so far away from homeland and so that she can be reunited with her family and friends and continue dreaming of her other treats. :p

And as a reward from the land of Just Dreaming to all her cute and faithful readers, she is giving out a special coupon code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 from Dell that would allow anyone who makes purchase of a Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY) with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption. This promotion is only available online or by calling Dell at 1800-88-0301.

However, the bad news is this coupon code expires on 10th Nov 2009. So, you gotta hurry if you want! :)

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awww.. princess.. haha.. so cute lah u.. hope u win k. ur laptop arr...can gimme then.. haha

hahaha.. i hope to win too.. my laptop is deteriorating seriously. :o

ops... damn i am now in germany... i wanna get a laptop >< so should i do?? T.T

should of course.. haha.. cz for all u noe u will win it. :p

Ouch..y did d princess so rough , violently pressed the button till an alphabet can be missing on the keyboard?hahaha..very rare seeing lost an alphabet from keyboard lor..geezee. Can't replace a new keyboard? OMG...lost of data is a major problem!

huhu.. not me violent.. the keypad fragile.. im not using extenal key board now cz my table too small to fit anode keyboard :(. replacing new keyboard on lappie nds money. so dats y i nd the new dell. :). ya lost of data is a major prob!

Poor thing, you look kelian in the picture showing your deteriorating laptop:(

This Dell Inspiron 13 looks nice in different colour on cover but dont know its function good or not?

Dolly : haha.. well my lappie is quite a sad case now so maybe thats why it shows on my face ;p

anonymous 1 : the colours do look v attractive rite? not sure also le about the function cz i nv use one b4. mayb if i win it, i will write about my review on it ;)

anonymous 2 : thanks ya! :)

snow or water dont matter lor.. anywhere cooler thn msia's peak heat season will do.haha. me 1 dell also.haha

haha.. u shd come to KT now cz it's raining cats and dogs everyday with strong wind. very cold dy here ^^

Dell inspiron 13 is the utmost important now, others all can set aside first...all the best*_*

yup.. odes are treats in land of Just Dreaming. haha. thanks

Hope you can get it and let us know whether its good, we would like to have one too.Waiting for yr news. Goodluck allison.

thanks.. if i win it definitely will gv u guys a review about it! ;)

Well I to but I think the collection should acquire more info then it has.