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Redang Island ; My Perfect Escapade

For this particular post, pls play above video while you read. *wink*

Finally after many days and nights of cold, gloomy rain, the people of KT can rejoice with the sun bringing warm and brightness to the town.

And because it is such a sunny nice day today, i'm in a mood to post up more sunny nice pictures. hehe. Yeap, like the sun finally coming out after days of coldness and rain, my pictures from Redang Island are finally up. (if you guys still rmb about me going Redang 2 months back ;p). Actually it's cz there are too many pictures, so nd time to edit and post and blog about it and i had been so busy thats why i have so many more backdated post sitting in my draft.

Anyway, here's all about Redang. 80+ pictures! haha. I was really excited to go Redang because i had heard so much about it, i'm here in KT for a yr plus already and also because that means i will be celebrating my birthday on a beautiful, famous island. hehe.

We decided to stay at Laguna Redang where the famous More More Tea Inn is located. Each resort in Redang has their very own jetty and so is Laguna. Laguna jetty is located in Merang, some 45 minutes away from Kuala Terengganu. We decided to drove there but the parking is like RM 30 for 3 days. If not you can take the bus provided by Laguna Redang with a minimal charge.

Laguna jetty in sight. Excitement!

The boat that will take us to our perfect escapade.

The boat ride was about 30-40 minutes and finally we arrived at the Laguna jetty. Yeap, Laguna has their own jetty and so does the other resorts in Redang Island. If you notice, i wasnt wearing the same dress as i was wearing in the pic above. Well thats cz i actually took this on the last day b4 leaving Laguna cz i forgot to take it when i arrived. lol. Too excited when i arrived and they were ushering us to the hall for the brief introduction.

The weather was cloudy on the 1st day we were there. Very good for snorkeling as wont get sun burn but not good for picture taking. Cz island pics are suppose to be all sunny and bright and blue. Not greyish and gloom.

Redang island on a cloudy day. Took this from the restaurant in Laguna where we had all our meals.

On the second and third day, it was super bright sunny which gave me my sunburn and caused me to looked like a baked lobster after that!

The whole of Redang island is like half of a circumference; Laguna on one end and Berjaya Resort on the other end.

This is the Laguna end. Redang is just sooooo beautiful. Clear blue water, soft white sand, bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds. I was just swept off my feet and was like floating in another world for the whole 3 days. Even after many had said it was much more of a paradise 10 yrs back. I cannot imagine how fantabulously beautiful it was back then when it is already so beautiful as it is now.

Can you feel the sun and the heat? I can just by looking at all these pictures. Makes me feel warmer already. I sacrificed a lot to take all these pictures one (getting burn like a baked lobster and then having to apply layers of whitening lotion cz it's the MWM finals shortly after that) thats why die die also must post them up. It was only about 9 smt, 10 in the morning and the sun was so high and up, exuding all of it's heat down on Redang and it's golden rays giving off beautiful reflections.

Just enjoy the warmth and the beauty of the island. How can you not be tempted after looking at all of the pictures. (slowly read la, dont jz scroll and look at the pics cz i took a long time to prepare the whole post) haha

Redang Reef Resort just opposite Laguna

This is the other side of Redang. The Berjaya side. Still as promising.

Ok, this one also took on the last day instead of the 1st when it was supposed to be taken on the 1st day cz din think about it on the 1st day. hehe

It was a very relaxing and carefree 3 days in Redang. There's no such thing as crazy hectic days in Redang. Besides the 3 snorkeling sessions, there were plenty of time to just walk around, laze around and explore the island and to cam whore of course. :p

Very the famous More More Tea Inn where Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng shot the movie Summer Holiday in 1999. But do you guys know that this is actually NOT the original More More Tea Inn? This is a replica of the original one used in the filming and is currently Laguna Redang Resort's gift shop.

Then where is the original one? Demolished dy! To make way for Laguna Redang. And also because the original structure was not strong enough to withstand the harsh winds of the island.

Actually you have to really watch the movie then you will have 'the' feeling towards the whole More More Tea Inn and not just see it as a typical gift shop.

It is a very famous photography and tourist spot now. And this love is like the mandatory photography spot.

The whole island is just too beautiful to not cam whore and take pics. :p And because it wasn't the school holidays or any public holidays, the whole island was practically like ours. Not too many tourists and people. Very nice.

My new beach hat i bought at Mid Val. Huge enough to shelter me from Mr. Sun. Good. :)

Monkeys around the island

Lazing in a hammock on a cloudy, windy afternoon. The perfect remedy to throw all worries and stress away just by looking above at the blue blue sky, rocking gently against the breeze and slowly closing your eyes enjoying the peaceful sound of waves hitting the shore.

I also love these wooden beach chairs under that shade. Another perfect way to waste your afternoon away. Just lie there as you take in the whole stretch of clear blue sea and gentle waves and smelling the salty air.

One of the waitress at the cafe gave this to me. A rose made out tissue paper. So pretty.

Me and you <3

Water was just too inviting

The rocks are actually very slippery so if you wna try this, do be careful

And the current around the rocks are much stronger than other parts so careful careful.

Dinner time in the cafe. Quite a nice and spacious cafe but the food are just mediocre.

If you do a direct translation, it will be hot rain rice. haha. Whats a hot rain rice? How can rain be hot? The Laguna ppl so funny lol. I tried it just out of curiousity and it was actually like nasi minyak except that it is not oily.

Another reason why i was so excited to be in Redang was because Sui Theng once told me bout the 'blue sand' of Redang. Apparently to see these blue sand, it cannot be raining nor have any moon. So i prayed and prayed and true enough it wasn't raining nor was there any moon on our first night there! We quickly went to searched for our blue sand, which is actually a type of organism known as Bioluminescent Ostracods.

After some research on the internet, i found that these blue sand are usually found at the front of Redang Reef Resort. So convenient cz right opposite Laguna. And there we went and conquered.

It was total darkness however at the beach in front of Redang Reef granted the spotlight coming some 20 m away. Of course, you will have to put in some effort to look for unique stuff. So, we dig and dig and after a short while, we spotted our first blue sand illuminating ever so brightly in the sand. Saw saw? I almost shouted in excitement when i spotted the 1st blue sand. As they are organisms, they ran as soon as they sensed our fingers approaching and their illumination will fade.

More and more. Actually once you identify their colony, all you need is gently sweep your hand across the sand and the organisms will illuminate and de-illuminate. Very pretty sight. Definitely something worth searching.

A video of us searching for the blue sand in the dark. Very dark so i dno where the camera was focusing also. JUst look out for the blue dots. The background music was coming from Laguna. Cz at night, there was a band playing at the open bar.

Yay Yay! Me with my blue sand. Manage to get one stuck to my finger before letting it back to the sand. Took with ISO 3200. That's why a lot of noise.

Ahem, DD doing what?

Oooo.. hehe.. so sweet.

Me with my birthday wish ;)

Actually one good thing about Laguna is that right, you dont have to worry about having nothing to do. There's bars , club, pools, mahjong, board games as well as internet room (but have to pay at like RM 10 for an hour or half an hour).

And got swimming pool and jacuzzi as well. The pool actually quite large. I actually went for a swim in the evening and it was quite clean.

More more Tea Inn at night. Very pretty.

My birthday cake! hehehe.. Another yr younger eh. :p

Make a wish make a wish. I wish my wish can come true.

Huff puff after blowing the candle.

Next time bring champagne. Then it will complete the celebration. hahaha

It was very simple (not quite like how i had always imagined my beach birthday celebration will be like) but i was happy and contented. Sometimes when things are too exaggerated, it will become complicated.

I woke up early the next day to the burning sun greeting me on the beach. Nice.

Aviators too big for me.

DD ran over to Pelangi Resort to rent an underwater camera for our snorkeling trips later while i got baked more.

Pelangi is the only resort renting out underwater cameras for RM 50 a day. Worth renting cz the underwater world is equally awesome. Stephen ask if im interested in underwater photography. I hesitated initially. But now, i can almost definitely say i do although it is much more challenging to take good pictures underwater and u nd that expensive casing and you nd to hv a scuba diving licence.

Redang from Redang Reef. My soul and heart just flew there again.

Water so clear i can immersed in it forever. Little fishes swimming near the shore

The sand felt so warm and comfortable. Ah!

Sky so bright and clear and blue. Clouds so fluffy and white. I'm in love with the sky in Redang

A really large coral

I stayed near the dive centre which is also near the jetty and the view from here was fantatibulous too.

One without me.

In the evening, back at the beach for more pics. Pics pics pics!! haha

Familiar not? :p

It was really comfortable to just sleep by the beach. But the weather was really unpredictable. It was so sunny and hot in the morning and noon but towards late evening, it suddenly turned dark and cloudy and started pouring like cats and dogs.

Dinner on 2nd night was bbq.

Because it was raining like cats and dogs, we just went back to our room after dinner cz it was too cold and wet to sit around outside. We watched tv the whole night and for the first time, i finished watching the movie Summer Holiday. haha. Cz Laguna had a channel specially dedicated for that movie so everytime you turned on the tv, the movie will be playing and if you missed one part, fret not. You can catch the other parts whenever you are back in your room. Maybe it's because i was at Laguna, but i thought the movie was quite romantic and i totally got hooked to the song and made DD sang it! hahaha

The 3rd day came very quickly. Too quickly in fact i don't feel like coming back to the crazy hectic world. I want to stay floated in that perfect getaway. Me and DD after breakfast. Somehow dno why we both looked super tan in this pic. Maybe we were really that tan dy after all the snorkeling and camwhoring.

Squirrel running around the cafe. So cute.

Another view of Redang from the restaurant. Can see it's another hot hot day :)

Took with Ms Self Timer.

This is the shark bay where we snorkeled and saw sharks. This is not included in the snorkeling spots Laguna brought us but anyone can just bring your snorkeling stuff and snorkel here. I saw many baby sharks here! And actually the fishes here are aplenty and very pretty too. Don't need to go deep in the middle of the sea also can see these pretty fishes. (everything in Redang is beautiful and pretty)

One sad thing that ruin Redang from being the real perfect escapade was due to the ongoing construction work. As you guys can already see all the tractor prints along the sand and this part of the beach was much more affected than any other part of the beach making the sand black.

Yes yes i can carry the coconut tree!

Captain Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones.. muahaha


More camwhoring tips!

Part of the movie Summer Holiday was shot here too. :)

Sacrifice gao-gao!!

I can just lie like this forever. Simply the best way to relax and to get away from everything else. Find a hammock by a beautiful sea and gentle breeze under the coconut tree. A piece of heavenly treat.

I dont want to leave. I dont mind smelling more salty air.

No choice.. got boat to catch, have to say bubbye soon. I miss that place already.

Green and pink guava

Last drink by the bar before leaving that bright sunny famous beautiful island.

It's just so funny right how we can dress freely like that on the island but the minute you reach KT, it becomes weird. Not too say cant but it is very weird. Thats why the island itself is like a separate world altogether.

Got this abrasions while snorkeling cz i was too eager to chase the fishes and take their pic. Yup, underwater pictures coming up next. Must come back and read/ see my pictures cz also sacrificed a lot by getting super tan and abrasions. :p Ah, im going to be enjoying the bright sun, gentle breeze, peaceful waves sound and salty air in my dreams tonight. :)

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Wow, I must say beautiful pictures. I wanna go there, too :-) The beach and resort are also breathtaking. Wow. Next time I go Malaysia, I wanna go here :-) And happy belated birthday to you, Allison.

Hey, thanks for dropping by.
You've got an awesome blog =)

mkl : thanks ;)yup, next time u come to Msia, must go to Redang but just don't come during the monsoon (Nov - Feb) cz the island is close. ;)

Chris : Welcome and thanks ;)

Happy Belated Birthday ;) I love ur pics. Seems like you had a good time there.

Thanks. Yup, i had a good time ;)Its really a beautiful place to relax

That liang hua yi duo duo song makes me feel like i am in holiday now.Bleks!

Andy Lau is going to have his honeymoon there,haha.

dolly : haha.. nice song rite? hehe

anonymous : really? i think quite a lot of ppl went there for honeymoon b4.. hehe

Pictures good to be wallpaper.lolz

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glad u love the pics. hehe u can use it as ur wallpaper. :)

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

thanks so much. i will keep working hard and hope to be able to bring all my readers better stuff to read :)

@Allison: I've seen this anonymous sending the same comment on Jessica Tan's blog today. So don't take that compliment too seriously ;)

maybe the commenter feels the same for our blogs..hehe :)

woo nice nice pics :) feel like going there. but heard about the latest min USD 500 a nite room. do u noe if Redang is charging like dat rate now anot?

Rather interesting site you've got here. Thanx for it. I like such topics and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read more soon.

Julia Benedict

anony 1 : Hi, for now that has not been implemented so worry not, you can still enjoy the island at affordable rates :)

Julia : Thanks. I will keep it up :)

It is very interesting for me to read that post. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read more soon.

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