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Redang Underwater

As promised, Redang underwater pics!! :)

After seeing Redang above water, it's time to continue being amazed by it's beauty undewater. It's my 1st attempt at underwater pics so they might not make you go 'WOW' but it does not matter. Cz then only you will go and c for yourself and then you can go 'WOW'.

Redang underwater world is so beautiful that i cant resist trying to capture what i saw to share with all of you. Looking back at the pictures i can still feel myself snorkeling amidst all those colourful, pretty fishes, looking at the corals, swimming through the clear, blue water and swallowing mouthfuls of salty sea water.

Remember the Kodak disposable camera i bought b4 going Redang? Well, in my opinion, if you are planning to be actively involve in scuba diving or snorkeling and is interested to capture all those beautiful underwater creatures cz they are jz too irresistable, then might as well invest in a waterproof casing for your camera instead of getting the disposable one. Cz there are too many limitations to the disposable one. Firstly, it can only take up to 26 pics (simply not enough cz being buoyant and shaky underwater, it is very likely pics turn out blur so u hv to take multiple shots on one thing jz to get a pic that turn out nice). Secondly, the color of the pics are not sharp and natural enough. All the pics will turn out vintage looking. Thirdly, it cant zoom very far and you practically cant make out much details of the things u take with the zoom.

Nonetheless, if you are an occasional underwater person or jz wna take a pic or 2 for rememberance sake, then it's ok to get the camera. :)

Here are some samples of pics i took with the disposable camera :

Sample 1 - this is not the original color of the fish (which u will see in below pics) and dont u think the pics look so vintage? haha

Sample 2 - under enough sunlight, the pics are actually quite clear but still lack the sharpness of color

Sample 3 - Above water, the pics are ok. For rememberance sake!

We went snorkeling at 4 different spots altogether. Laguna brought us to 3 spots and we went to the shark bay (if you dont know where, click here) ourselves. I know one of the spot is the marine conservation park which we need to pay a conservation fee of RM 5 but the other 2 spot is somewhere in the middle of the open sea so all i knew was i was in the middle of the South China Sea.

When i went to the 1st snorkeling spot, i was so amazed and thrilled to look at all those fishes and corals and when the fishes swam past me, their scaly, slimy body touching me, i actually felt very 'geli'. What i love about this 1st spot are the Christmas tree soft corals (not Christmas trees on land but in the water, dont play play) that the guide showed us and also all the clownfishes (imagine all the little cute Nemos) playing peek-a-boo. So cute i tell u i felt like smuggling one back. :p

Din get to capture any pic of the Christmas tree so wont spoil it for you all who never seen it before. Go Redang to see it for urself so that you'll be awed and amazed like me. hehe. The Christmas tree will closed up like a round button when not touch and once you touched it, it will open up and unfold it's branches looking like a Christmas tree! So so so pretty.

Laguna also provides underwater photography service so they helped us to captured some of these pics :

By Laguna 1 - I had to hold my breath and tried to stay as long as possible underwater for them to capture the pic. Can fl my lung expanding to the max! I only like this pic cz this is the only pic i had with Nemo and the sea anemones altho Nemo is like hidden there at the far end of the pic. (Nemo v shy one always hide among the sea anemones so v hard to capture their pics. After a few attempts, i gave up and enjoy looking at them instead. I think Cotton Island got more nemos)

By Laguna 2 - I love this pic so much. This is how it felt like to be skin diving. Cool.

By Laguna 3 - The fish looked photoshopped here but it is not!

By Laguna 4 - The ultimate poser. hahaha but i like his pose. Superman in water!

For day 2 we rent a camera from Pelangi Resort (Sony T100) cz after day 1, im convinced we are too attracted by the underwater beauty that i wna share it with everyone so that u all will get attracted and tempted also and go Redang (im doing free promo for Redang now cz i love that place.. haha).

Day 2 1st spot - Marine conservation park

Unfortunately, i din get to see any turtles or stingray here cz according to the guides, turtles can be found here during the peak season and even stingrays are spotted.

Smile for the camera :) My goggles 1/4 with water already.

With a bright sun (that is causing sun burn), the pics will turn out clearer and better and the fishes will reflect the sunlight and look even prettier.

Some soft corals

Dead corals at the sea bed

Dont ask me what are the names of the fishes cz i dno what species they are other than the few common or dangerous ones. All i know is they are all very pretty and friendly and hungry! So some of their names are created by me base solely on how they look. Correct me if you know their names. hehe

Part of a shipwreck that is found in the conservation park. Snorkeling around the shipwreck can be dangerous cz they mite look innocent from far but in real, they hv sharp edges and surface that can cut you real deep. And they are made of strong metals so if you hit against them, it is very painful one even though u r in water and pain is suppose to be much less in water.

Some parts of the ship wreck.

Colorful corals growing on parts of the wreck

Hard corals

These black and white stripey fishes are the most common and is found in abundance. And they are very hungry fishes too.

The fish must be wondering what i am doing taking its pic

Just for fun

At some spots, there will be zero fishes in sight and then at some spots suddenly, there are just plenty of different type of fishes surrounding you. So many that you don't have time to take all their pics cz they swam very quickly too.

A blue fish and a bigger version of black and white stripey fish

Suddenly this big colorful fish jz swam right in front of me. It's one of the most beautiful fish i had seen especially when it's scales reflect the bright sunlight. Like rainbow. And the fish below it is a blue polka dot fish.

The yellow fish again. So outstanding.

You know why i said they are hungry fishes? See.. they all swimming towards the bread

Them in abundance. Got black and white stripey and black and white with a hint of yellow stripey. Maybe they are cousins.

This is one of the 'ugly' fierce looking fish i saw cz it has sharp teeth! But it swims very slowly one. Not as agile and active as some of the other smaller fishes.

Saw the 2 fishes kissing anot?? So loving. Fishes also know how to pda. haha

The fierce fish heading straight towards me. Faster take a close up pic of it and swam away. Quite scary also when it comes straight in ur direction.

Aonther pic of it

The white pompret look-alike, fierce looking fish and orange polka dots fish

This was quite near the shore dy. A lot of these white pomprets-look alike near the shore. But i dont think they are the white pomprets we usually eat.

More and more of them going for the bread

So many till it started to get scary!! Now u know. If you want to be surrounded by the fishes, just get some bread and they all will come like a magnet.

Until one point i felt too geli, i resurface to the water with my bread and then they started biting me instead. Hungry naughty fishes!

After lunch, we were brought to our 3rd spot which was after the Man and Woman Island. The fishes here are even prettier and it's much cleaner here too. My fav spot of the 3 spots.


Can see the black sea cucumber right in the middle?

Most of the fishes can camouflage very well among the corals and rocks. See if you can spot the fish here.

Chewing on the corals

This is like my fav pic of the bunch. The whole school of anchovies swam right past me jz like dat. It was truly a sight to behold.

Another beautiful pic.

Half black and half silver fish. Camouflage pretty well also this little fellow. See can spot anot.

A small blue/yellow fish among the large coral

More camouflage

This fish also very pretty. Got red lips like applying lipstick

The dark blue fish swimming mysteriously among the hard corals. I know they are hard cz here was where i got my abrasions.

Giant sea clams

Dont you jz love how blue the water really is

Spot the fish!

And this too. Spot the fish!

Blue nose and black body fish

Can you see a baby 'elephant'?

Dno what fish. Know it camouflages pretty well also

Cute yellow little fishes

Half yellow and light blue fish

Pretty sight right?

Another super colurful beautiful fish that stands out from the school of greyish looking fish.

A variety of them living in harmony

Ikan ikan yang banyak dan cantik

Fish fish swimming in the sea (running out of caption)

Saw the 'tiger' fish? Cz got orange and white stripes. lol

Another fish feeding on the corals

Black sea cucumber and a rock looking fish

In one with the sand bed

When you touches it, it actually contracts and closes.

And then the batt died so we went to the last spot, which is the shark bay and managed to capture one last pic of the baby shark we saw.

Baby shark in the distance. When we saw the first baby shark from far, we were so excited and if you can screamed in water, we would. But when one of the baby shark swam right straight in our direction, it wasnt even exciting or funny at all. It was scary! Cz even tho it's a baby shark that is said to have no known history of biting any humans, there's always a first time. Luckily it turned into another direction right b4 knocking us straight into our face ( they say when you see sharks you shdnt move or try to swim away cz it will further trigger them to attack you. I think it might be true cz we din move and the shark went another way!! )

And other than the baby sharks, there are many many pretty colourful and polka dots fishes in the shark bay too.

Seriously, i don't think the pictures can do enough justice to the marine life and the beauty under water. There are many many more beautiful and pretty fishes but of course not all of them are captured on camera. The fun part of the snorkeling experience is in kicking and battling the sea waves swimming after the fishes who swam even faster or just slowly snorkel as u take in what u normally cant see from land. Let the fishes come surround you, let their scaly body glide against you, let the sea water hit against u as u take in mouthful after mouthful of salt water and let the sun above show no mercy on you. Thankfully, the pollution level is still ok so the waters are still clear and there are still aplenty fishes. Quite sad to think of what happens in the next 50 yrs if Redang becomes so badly polluted and there's no more fishes.

I came up after all the hours of snorkeling baked, beat and cut. But it's all worth it. Cz i totally enjoyed the tranquility of being surrounded by the natural beauty underwater and it amused me to see school and school of fishes swimming round and round having the time of their life.

I definitely enjoyed my whole Redang trip and i wna thanks DD for making it happen. Yay :D

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hi thanks. oh next time u try with little fishes 1st den wont scared! :)

Thanks for the underwater world tour :) Hope u r keeping well.

Wilfred : You are most welcome. Hope u r doing well too. Take care :)

nice undersea pictures,i love colourful fish.

thanks Dolly. Yea the colourful fishes are so pretty. hehe

Beautiful scenery as well as the mermaid^_^

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nice pics. will love to go there nao that i c all these. and u look beautiful :)

david : ya shd go! and thanks :)

Hi there ! I just came back from Redang and i'm glad i found your blog! I had been looking for that ugly, scary fish with its teeth coming out ... thanks for posting it! I didn't get the chance to snap its pic - I got panicked when I saw it..

Laid back : haha it was my very first time snorkeling then so I was pretty intimidated by that fish too. But now I found out it is call a Titan triggerfish :)