Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reef Knot

It is another crazy hectic week in surgery. I'm feeling much better now since my last post. :) Reading what you guys have to say makes me feel better too :) Thank you. I think i had not study as much as in any posting as this for this sem. It's a whole cycle of clerking, studying, presenting, seminar presentation, clerking, studying and presenting.

Most interesting case i saw for the week is actually a case of bilateral accessory breast! Actually there are 2 cases. Both also admitted on the same day and both also with almost same presentation. In case you are wondering what accessory breast means, it means having more than the usual 2 breast.

Anyway, currently there's a cholera outbreak here in Terengganu as you guys had read in the newspaper. Some of the patients are currently being place at the surgical ward but they are all being isolated. And any patient that comes in with diarrhea and vomiting are all suspected with cholera. I rmb clerking this aunty that day who was suspected initially with colorectal cancer but because she is only presented with diarrhea, they suspected her to be cholera instead. Turn out, she is most likely a case of AGE only. Fortunately.

And because of the cholera outbreak, currently, some of the food eateries around town has no supply of ice. This afternoon, the guys wanted to order ice drink during lunch and we were told that there wont be any ice drinks available for the time being. Hopefully this can help curb the spreading of cholera as cholera is a water-borne disease and we all know most of the ice produces outside are made from uncook water right.

We also learn how to tie knots and do suture today in uni. The knots are so tricky to tie. Looks so easy but so so tricky.

AP K showing us how to tie a reef knot without using the surgical equipments. Usually after we do suturing, we will tie a knot with the needle holder and dissecting forcep but sometimes we have to do it without the equipments and thats the tricky part.

This a video of how AP K does it in slow motion! It' still way too fast actually. haha

The teaching session

Then there are mannequins for us to practice on. This is a hand.. hehe

I fumbled and was confused on how to twist and turn to produce the knot and AP was so patient to repeat and demo it time after time for us and finally after much twisting and clumsiness, i succeeded in tying the reef knot! Im have such ungraceful fingers unfit to be a surgeon. haha. I dno how she can do it so gracefully. I think all surgeons must have graceful fingers. :p

We also brought chicken! haha

To practice our suturing of course :). Look at my messy suturing. I really done nicer ones than this. hahaha :p

I dno if you can see how tired i am but im just glad i had went through the whole crazy hectic week :)

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9 fondue dips :

reminds me of scouts.. haha..
and whyyy did you stitch the chicken! =P

haha..ya actually reminds me of tying bandages too in St John. :).. for practice cz chicken less rigid than the mannequin. hehe

wah. u mean those stitches are using reef knot? lol. i never know that!

haha.. no the stitches are not using reef knot but we used reef knot only if we wants to manually ends the stitch ;)

Should use beef instead of chicken because cow's skin is quite similar to human's skin.

really? hehe.. but chicken cheaper thats why :)

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