Monday, November 30, 2009

Ri Yatz Heritage Hi Tea Buffet

Seriously i don't like the weather now. I don't like too much rain cuz its not only cold, it's wet and inconvenient. On top of that, we are currently in anesthesia posting and everyday also hv class in the super cold icu seminar room. Sitting there for an hour or so felt like being in a freezer. Luckily, last weekend, it was sunny and hot and we could go out and have some fun. :D

Since we got 3 days off, we went to the nicest (in term of most cosy and warm and classy and beautiful) place in KT, Ri Yatz Heritage to try their hi tea buffet which was said to be the best in town. Yes, it's buffet time. hehe The Monsoon Cup has not started yet (this place is well known for hosting the Monsoon Cup each yr) but we saw some of the contestants there already. hehe. I was here at the Monsoon Cup last yr so i know how crowded and lively this place is gna get in a few days.

Soon, plenty of colourful sailing yachts will fill up this place. Normally, Kuala Terengganu town can be seen from here. Saw those tiny buildings in the distance? Thats Kuala Terengganu town or to be exact the Bazaar Warisan side.

Pulau Duyong in the distance - famous for crafts, boat making and lekor making.

The monsoon wind giving off the hair ad effect on Sarah's hair :p

Because we knew we were going for hi tea, we skipped breakfast and lunch just to ensure we could ate to the max! haha

The Verandah Restaurant of Ri Yatz. You can actually choose to dine al fresco or inside with the air con. Personally i preferred al fresco cz the wind was so nice and you can hv nice scenery of the surrounding accompanying you while you enjoy ur hi tea but it was fully booked outside so we had to dine inside.

Ms. Ally Later will come later. (pun intended)

The row of main course.

Nasi Minyak (a Terengganu specialty), ketupat, lemang and curry chicken (curry chicken cant be seen in this pic but it's the 4th tray from the left)

Roti jala and peanut sauce. I like roti jala. Nice.

Beef rendang. Honestly this is really good. One of my fav among all the food there that day. The beef is tender enough and there's no beefy smell. Yum. :p

Baked pasta - contrary to the beef rendang, this is actually quite bad. Even the cheese cant save the taste of it as the cheese is over baked causing it to be chao ta (burnt) and the pasta itself is pretty tasteless.

Someone said this looks like jelly. hahaha

The desert corner. Disappointing cz how can u have a desert corner that does not have cheesecakes?? or ice creams?? Typically they do have quite a variety of other cakes like blueberry, banana, chocolate, butter etc. And typical traditional Malay kuih. I did not try the jelly tho but it looks way too sweet.

Looks can be deceiving so never judge a book by it's cover :)

The kuih are so-so also.

Glasses of plain water was better than the orange and longan juice which were horrible. The juices tasted too artificial and sweet.

Ice kacang corner

Banana fritters and otak-otak

This is another of my fav. Beef burger. He will grilled the burger for us on the spot so the burgers were hot and fresh.

Look at the beef patty sizzling on the hot plate

And the best part of this beef burger is the bun. Like serious. The bun is very sweet and buttery. So good you can even eat it on its own. haha

Penang laksa corner. Surprisingly, it tasted quite ok also the penang laksa. Cz i think the soup is thick enough.

Sandwiches and salad

Smoked salmon and ham on bread. Quite good too.

Rojak petis. The sauce too spicy for my liking tho.

And lastly fruits fuits.

Everyone happy, sleepy (cz after eating a lot, wna turn into pigs dy) and contented after their meal.

The four guys

After eating, we decided to enhanced our digestion by walking around the beautiful chalets. After all the weather is so good, why waste it. haha. The chalets are very old-style, classic looking. Looks like a very cosy and peaceful place to spend a nite.

Then we hang around the pool side while the sun started to set. I felt like swimming one cz the water looks so inviting and theres no rain and the sun was setting so not so hot. But, din bring any swimsuit cz thats not part of the plan.

This fellow swam with his sunglass on. Not a bad idea especially when u wna swim back stroke like this.

End of the pool.

Another pic by the pretty pool side

Love in the air, literally!

But while the sun had not fully set, the moon was already halfway out on the other side of the sky.

Then we moved on to another spot just enjoying the rest of the evening watching birds and sky and the natural beauty. It was a feeling that amused you inside and makes you light and happy. ;)

Ahem, dont u wish our uni have a spot like this where students can go hang out and de stress in the beautiful environment?

His shirt so ngam blend in with the grass. Actually the grass quite poky dno how he can stand the poking grass. haha

The evening sky. I like sky like dat.

More of the sky. hehe

And another one. Well you dont get to see sky like dat everyday.

The reflection of the setting sun.

A boat making garage

Birds fly high and free

Their home unpolluted by men.

As the boatmen head home, we finally decided to head home too.

Overall, the buffet was ok. Really i think it's the best in Kuala Terengganu too compared with the rest of the hi tea buffets i had tried. And for only RM 26.50 per person, it's really quite reasonable too for that kinda ambience, setting and food quality. :)

PS : All photos of the day was taken by DD so all credit goes to him. :)

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Hmm..Ri Yatz is the new name for Heritage Club? Strange name :S

I used to go there once in a while for drinks too, food quality may not be that good, but the place was real nice. Still remember being there on New Year's Day 2008 and getting a great view of the fireworks being released by the riverside..

Haven't visited HSNZ since the new renovated ICU was completed, should go there one day :)

yup it's the new name now ;)

The food is ok only but it's one of the nicest place around KT already.

You used to work in HSNZ? The new ICU is much better now. :)

I transferred back to KL more than a year ago, hope KT has more things to do now! Weekends were quite terrible if not for friends' company.

Used to be a clinical pharmacist there, quite miss the staff in ICU actually :)

Wow nice food.. Make me hungry but I must beware in my meal now. Getting older and bit risk to eat more..


Your photo taken in Pavillion? were you here recently? How come you didn't call?? :(


bapester : haha.. we hv a 24 hour mcd now tho :) and u can always come back to visit. haha

zool : hehe.. u can jz try a little of everything :)

Yuhwen : babe, the photos not taken at Pavillion. It was in Kuala Terengganu. :) But i'll be going down KL next Wed - Fri. Any chance of meeting up? ;)

Yuhwen : Oh babe, i jz realized. U meant the header pic right? yup that's taken at Pavilion. I was down in KL some weeks back but only for a very short time cz i had something to do back in KL. Did not get to call anyone up then as my schedule was really tight! Sorry! many food! can finish?

hahaha.. we din finished everything there la.. jz as much as our stomach can take hehe